Interview With Marguerite Arotin A Romance Writer In Ohio

Interview With Marguerite Arotin A Romance Writer In Ohio

Py: How did you get your pen name as​ Maruerite Arotin?

Marguerite: My real name is​ Dana but when I decided to​ write romance, I always knew Dana would be too unisex for the romance market. So I thought about my nickname. My grandma used to​ call me Daisy and my hubby eventually picked it​ up too. Marguerite is​ french for Daisy and I'm part French so I loved that ;-). Arotin was my late mother-in-law's maiden name so I took the name in​ honor of​ her and plus it​ flowed nicely with Marguerite. I will be marketing all books under my pen name of​ Marguerite Arotin.

Py: When did you start reading romance novels?

Marguerite: it​ was just after I met my hubby that I picked up my very first romance novel. I think meeting someone so perfect for me taught me that true love does exist and that maybe those romance novels I always thought were so sappy could come true. But then I met Phil and the attraction hit me like a​ ton of​ bricks. I can't imagine any other guy who can fulfill my needs as​ much as​ he can and I wouldn't want to​ satisfy any other man but him. Since I was a​ bit of​ a​ history nut, I picked up a​ historical by Linda Lael Miller and then got addicted to​ the genre.

Believe it​ or​ not, prior to​ meeting my husband, Phillip, I was a​ bit of​ a​ young cynic when it​ came to​ romance and relationships. I met Phil when I was nineteen years old and prior to​ that, well I seemed to​ end up with a​ lot of​ jerks. at​ least I had a​ sense of​ humor of​ my unfortunate social life: I kept telling everyone I might as​ well adopt a​ bunch of​ cats and become the world's youngest spinster.

Py: What inspired you to​ write your romance story, The Locktender's Daughter?

Marguerite: it​ wasn't until the unthinkable happened, when my hubby lost his job and I just had a​ baby, that I even considered writing my own my romance novel. I've always loved local Ohio history. I would walk the old towpath trail wondering what life was like back when the mules pulled the boats through the murky canal water. I happened to​ find some notes for a​ story I wanted to​ write, a​ historical romance set along the Ohio & Erie canal, and decided I would write it. By the time my hubby found another job, I was too caught up in​ the story to​ stop writing. as​ I learned more about my craft, I realized how crappy the first MS I completed was and decided it​ wasn't worth revising. But that first story led to​ a​ sequel, called The Locktender's Daughter, and I loved that tale :-). I knew I didn't have enough experience yet to​ try a​ large print publishing house or​ even go for an​ agent, but I submitted my tale to​ a​ few e-book/POD presses and TheLocktender's Daughter found a​ home with Wings.

Py: Any tips for romance writers?

Marguerite: I've learned that everyone has their own writing techniques and they have to​ use what works best for them. Some people just allow the story to​ roam freely and other's tend to​ go all out and do full outlines. I do a​ mixture of​ both.

I want to​ add here is​ how important it​ is​ never to​ give up on your dream. it​ took me a​ good two years of​ submitting The Locktender's Daughter before I found a​ home for it. I knew I had a​ great story, I knew it​ my heart. I loved Bethany and Tyler too much to​ give up them. Writing is​ one of​ the toughest jobs out there and those rejection letters can hurt. But you have to​ put it​ aside and remember that people behind those rejection letters, agents, editors, etc, are not rejecting you and if​ you love your story and characters enough, you have to​ keep trying no matter what. I did and I found a​ great home for Bethany and Tyler :-).

Py: Your Contact Information and your giveaways to​ readers?:

Marguerite: My first historical romance novel will be published with Wings Press ( in​ May of​ next year. My site at​

As far as​ giveaways, I have the first three unedited chapters of​ The Locktender's Daughter posted at​ my website @

I've really got to​ update my page because it​ says that TLD is​ still in​ the hands of​ the editors at​ Wings and it's already been contracted. Guess when you spend too much time writing, you forget about simple things like remembering to​ update your site. I'll get it​ updated before Sunday. I do post free excerpts in​ my myspace blog from time to​ time and have been posting a​ lot lately from my teenage sorceress for my NANOWRIMO YA project. Also I will be running a​ contest around May in​ conjuction with the release of​ my story, I have no idea of​ what I'm going to​ do yet but it​ will probably have something to​ do with canal history :-).

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