Internet Tv The Next Revolution

Internet Tv The Next Revolution

Internet TV, the​ next revolution?
Few months ago I​ started to​ hear about Internet TV .​
Internet TV was a​ new way to​ watch TV shows and​ TV programs directly on​ your computer .​
I​ am not talking about recorded TV shows but LIVE TV! This will truly change the​ way I​ was watching TV .​
I​ could watch French, Russian and​ Japanese channels directly on​ my computer! the​ first thing that worried me was: is​ it​ legal? and​ the​ answer is​ yes! Most of​ the​ TV channels and​ programs you​ see are broadcasted directly by the​ TV stations themselves .​
This is​ not like downloading movies from peer-to-peer networks .​
With the​ authorities tracking illegal downloads and​ suing those peer-to-peer users, I​ though it​ was the​ perfect time to​ look for​ something completely legal .​
Enter the​ online TV or​ Internet TV .​
And unlike cable or​ Satellite TV you​ don’t have to​ pay a​ monthly fee .​
You usually need to​ pay a​ low one time fee from $30 and​ up to​ $100 .​
But how do you​ start? What you​ need to​ do is​ to​ find the​ service that meets your needs .​
Do you​ watch sports, TV shows, foreign channels or​ adult movies? Based on​ your answer there are different package you​ can choose from .​ offers reviews of​ the​ different offers and​ let you​ pick the​ right one .​
This website has the​ most comprehensive reviews of​ Internet TV packages on​ the​ market .​
For each package there is​ a​ review, a​ scale for​ ease of​ use, content, picture quality and​ price .​
Also for​ each package you​ can quickly find the​ program highlights .​
I’ve read somewhere that is​ working to​ add more Internet TV reviews as​ they become available .​
I​ bought Satellite TV for​ PC the​ titanium edition and​ I​ am really happy with this package .​
As a​ first step before buying an​ internet TV package make sure you​ check .​
On a​ next article I’ll detail each available Internet TV package.

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