Internet Traffic And SEO Techniques

Internet Traffic And SEO Techniques

You might be wandering the​ reasons your web site is​ not getting much internet traffic. After all your web site took lots of​ financial and human resources,​ but unfortunately like so many web sites,​ it​ is​ quite unknown and as​ a​ result it​ does not get enough internet traffic to​ make it​ financially viable.

Did you​ know that about 80 percent of​ all web site traffic originates from search engines? Yes,​ it​ is​ true! Listing near the​ top page of​ search engines and obtaining the​ attention of​ your target audience should be a​ main priority for any web site internet promotion.

And the​ good news about this is​ that improving a​ web site position in​ search engine pages may be done for free. How? Using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

There many ways to​ promote a​ web site. Some promotions are paid and some are free. Among the​ free ones,​ the​ search engine optimization techniques enables web sites to​ become search engine friendly. in​ other words,​ it​ makes website pages to​ accept the​ search engine crawler in​ a​ friendly way. These techniques will be some of​ the​ steps one will have to​ use to​ obtain a​ better position in​ search engine’s pages,​ when searching for specific keywords,​ related to​ services or​ products offered by a​ web site.

Search engine optimization steps for a​ web page:


The html Title tag is​ a​ very important element and must include the​ most important keywords or​ phrases,​ which best represent the​ products or​ services offered by the​ web page. it​ should not contain more than 60 characters.


The html meta Keyword tag should have all the​ keyword phrases which best represents the​ products or​ services offered by the​ web page. Avoid repeating keywords and bad use of​ capital letters. it​ should not contain more than 250 characters.


The html meta Description tag is​ a​ description of​ the​ web page,​ which will be displayed by the​ search engine. Make sure it​ contains keywords phrases. Avoid repeating keywords and bad use of​ capital letters. it​ should not contain more than 200 characters.

Keywords in​ Headings:

Keywords in​ Headings tags (h1) will be interpreted by search engines as​ being an​ important keyword relevant to​ the​ web page,​ and it​ should be looked for and indexed by the​ search engines.

Web page text:

It is​ a​ good practice to​ include informative text one every page,​ using natural language and appropriate keywords. it​ should contain more than 200 words. Informative text should be placed in​ the​ html Body section of​ the​ web page.

Keywords in​ Alt Tags:

Every html picture “img” tag should contain an​ ALT tag with an​ appropriate description. Keywords should always be used when appropriate.

Keywords in​ Anchor Tags:

Every html hypertext link “a href “ should contain a​ TITLE tag with an​ appropriate description. Keywords should always be used when appropriate.

Robots.txt file:

Make sure there is​ a​ robots.txt file in​ you​ web site directory. This is​ a​ text file created by the​ webmaster,​ which will guide the​ search engine´s crawler when indexing a​ web site.

There are some cases in​ which one might not want to​ have some web pages indexed. This way thru the​ use of​ robots.txt,​ one will have control over which pages will be indexed and made available to​ the​ search engines.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /tmp/
Disallow: /data/

HTML code validation:

Search engine’s crawlers become more efficient when indexing web pages with no html errors. Beware that some html errors can make search engine crawlers to​ give up indexing web pages. So it​ is​ recommended for those web pages to​ be indexed,​ there should be no html errors.


Links are very important to​ search engines. the​ quality of​ links and whether it​ is​ reciprocal or​ not,​ are important factors in​ evaluating the​ importance of​ a​ web page. Links from web sites with higher page ranks are a​ plus.

Registering with Directories and Search Engines:

It is​ very important the​ registration of​ a​ website with directories and search engine web sites. it​ is​ a​ way of​ telling the​ world that your web site exists. Avoid using automatic search engine/directory registration.

Search engine optimization has become a​ very important set of​ procedures which helps web sites to​ become more relevant to​ search engines. to​ obtain an​ increase in​ internet traffic will take some time. it​ probably will take some kind of​ additional promotion too. But anybody in​ need of​ higher internet traffic,​ free search engine optimization might be considered his first option.

Roberto Sedycias
IT Consultant

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Internet Traffic And SEO Techniques

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