Internet Tips And Advice Sites

Internet Tips And Advice Sites

For the​ last 10 years I have been using the​ internet as​ a​ source for​ information, sometimes this is​ vital information about phone umbers, location of​ places and​ breaking news alerts, and​ sometimes I am just surfing the​ net in​ search of​ some product or​ service that I think would be nice for​ me to​ get.

A few years ago I started encountering a​ strange phenomena, the​ empty site, these sites came up in​ the​ search engines and​ when I clicked them they led me to​ an​ almost empty page, with little or​ no information on​ the​ thing I was looking for, which was the​ reason for​ me being on​ that same page. These empty pages soon evolved into a​ mini search engine page, that was a​ little better than before but with all honesty, I didn’t want to​ be sent yet another search engine once I entered my search term and​ clicked the​ search button.

It took me some effort and​ experience to​ start recognizing these sites before even clicking them, and​ so I became partially blind to​ those empty sites, recognizing them by their domain name or​ by the​ page description below the​ sites address. But it​ seemed that whatever I did or​ how much smarter I had become did not matter much to​ the​ creators of​ these pages, they had now started paying attention to​ their sites names, and​ they have started putting in​ a​

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