Internet Surfers Get Rewarded

Internet Surfers Get Rewarded

Sick of​ watching the​ earnings that search engines post quarter after quarter, two twenty-somethings have started a​ Web site that gives users a​ way to​ share in​ the​ wealth. allows users to​ earn points every time they search the​ web. They can redeem those points for​ gas cards, gift certificates, consumer electronics, and​ other prizes.

There is​ no catch. the​ site generates revenue only through ad sales, and​ does not solicit to​ users or​ re-sell their information. and​ utilizes the​ Google search engine, so there is​ no difference in​ the​ results they're getting -- just in​ the​ rewards.

Every time a​ registered user searches through, he/she earns one point. Those points are tallied in​ a​ window at​ the​ top of​ the​ screen, and​ can be redeemed starting at​ 500 points.

That means that, with only 500 Web searches, you​ can earn $5 worth of​ free gas to​ the​ station of​ your choosing!

Ry Racherbaumer, co-founder of​ mySearchBonus, said: “We designed it​ so that a​ user is​ able to​ start using it​ immediately. We don’t want people to​ go through lengthy registration processes. We just want them to​ use the​ search engine and​ start earning points.”

Co-founder Geoff Lilienfeld said that the​ most common question he hears is​ what’s the​ catch?

“The site earns money off of​ the​ advertising revenue just like any search engine,” he said. “We simply use free gas as​ an​ incentive to​ get users to​ use the​ search engine. it​ is​ truly a​ win-win situation.”

The site has been extremely successful in​ the​ recent weeks. Lots of​ students and​ young professionals are flocking to​ receive free rewards. With gas prices on​ the​ rise more and​ more will be going to​ similar sites to​ try to​ ease the​ strain on​ their wallet.

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