Internet Shopping Up Again

Internet Shopping Up Again

Shopping on​ the​ internet has been increasing every year over the​ last five years, a​ new survey predicts another busy year for​ internet shopping in​ the​ UK. According to​ the​ results of​ an​ online survey of​ 3,012 shoppers by, this Christmas shopping season promises to​ be the​ busiest yet for​ internet shopping.

We thought you​ may be interested to​ see what fellow internet shoppers are up to​ and​ why, or​ just enjoy the​ amusement value!

Key findings

- The average shopper will spend GBP 768 on​ their Christmas goodies, of​ which 50% will be purchased online hmm...sounds rather high!

- 93% of​ respondents expect to​ do more online shopping this year than last year, citing a​ growing dislike of​ stressful high street Christmas shopping and​ soaring petrol prices as​ two of​ the​ main reasons behind this move.

- Comfort and​ satisfaction with the​ online experience has also increased dramatically and​ 88% stated they would spend substantial time researching products and​ prices online before making offline purchases.

- Over 50% of​ those surveyed will have started their Christmas shopping by November 1st, with 40.1% having already started by early October. But despite this "pre-planning" mentality, 75% of​ respondents expect that they will still be buying gifts as​ late as​ five days before Christmas.

The top 3 reasons shoppers are most likely to​ buy their Christmas gifts online:

1. Convenience - eliminate hassle of​ driving/parking/crowds 36%
2. Flexibility - shop 24 hours of​ the​ day 33%
3. Finding low prices 19%

The top 3 things shoppers dislike about shopping for​ gifts on​ the​ high street:

1. Waiting in​ lines 30%
2. Finding the​ right selection of​ gifts for​ everyone 28%
3. Lack of​ time to​ get it​ all done 20%

Additional finding

- 46% answered yes when asked if​ they would do more Christmas gift shopping online specifically because of​ high petrol prices

- 42% of​ respondents say they will shop for​ gifts online while at​ work. 45.2% of​ men surveyed admitted that they will shop online
while at​ work, while only 34.7% of​ women will count on​ shopping online while at​ work as​ an​ option

- About the​ same percentage of​ respondents answered that they will buy Christmas gifts online this year for​ pets 17% as​ they will for​ co-workers 18%

Survey Methodology

This Christmas shopping survey was conducted by in​ October 2018. the​ survey ran from October 12-19 October 2018. it​ was administered online among a​ random sample of​ individuals. the​ total sample size was 3,012 respondents, 1,045 females and​ 1967 males. the​ confidence interval for​ all results is​ 95% with a​ margin of​ error of​ approximately +/-3 percentage points for​ the​ entire sample. LONDON - BUSINESS WIRE Nov. 2, 2018

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