Internet Seminars The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Internet Seminars The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Finding Quality Seminars and​ Avoiding Scams

Internet seminars can be a​ valuable tool for​ your E-Biz: they give you​ opportunities to​ network and​ meet new contacts in​ your industry. you​ can learn a​ lot about how to​ improve your business and​ run it​ more efficiently. Says Sydney Johnson, of​, “My definition of​ a​ good seminar is​ when I make more money from the​ information I get than I paid to​ go there.”

Unfortunately, for​ every useful, educational seminar you​ can find, there’s an​ equally worthless one created to​ part you​ and​ your money. When a​ seminar speaker offers you​ an​ easy all-in-one Internet solution, or​ promises you​ overnight riches for​ very little work, you​ need to​ hold onto your wallet. Don’t buy anything on​ impulse — at​ the​ very least, sleep on​ it. No matter what they tell you, if​ you​ can get it​ at​ this "special" price today, you​ can probably get it​ for​ the​ same price tomorrow and​ next week too. These are usually high pressure situations, and​ you​ can really help yourself if​ you​ just get away and​ get some perspective.

Knowing What You’re Getting Into

Some seminars give you​ very little constructive information for​ the​ money you​ pay. the​ people that create these seminars want quality speakers, but they don’t want to​ pay them. So they let them spend the​ entire time pitching their product or​ service, and​ then split the​ proceeds they make with them. Rather than being educated, you’re inundated with “opportunities” to​ spend more money. That’s why it’s always wise to​ research a​ speaker before you​ commit to​ attend a​ seminar:

• Make sure the​ speaker is​ a​ professional in​ the​ area he’s speaking on, not a​ paid marketer or​ a​ motivational speaker hired to​ pitch an​ idea.

• Look at​ their web site and​ read comment forums and​ reviews. if​ they're an​ Internet guru, they should be easy to​ find online. if​ most of​ what you​ find is​ positive, a​ few critical remarks are probably no reason to​ worry. But if​ you​ find pages of​ angry comments, beware.

• Look at​ the​ price tag — Seminars are costly to​ put on, and​ a​ good speaker is​ worth their speaking fee. if​ the​ speaker is​ an​ expert in​ their field and​ you’re not paying for​ their expertise up front, realize they’re probably planning to​ make their money on​ the​ back end. Often these seminars are nothing more than pitch fests.

Internet seminars can be a​ great place to​ supplement your knowledge base. But you​ need to​ look at​ a​ seminar’s agenda before you​ commit to​ it, and​ only attend seminars that are relevant to​ you. Niche seminars tend to​ be more focused; so figure out exactly what facet of​ your business you​ want to​ become better at, and​ find seminars whose content is​ centered on​ that subject.

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