Internet Security The Secure Free Option

Internet Security The Secure Free Option

This high speed revolution has increased the​ swiftness of​ accessibility for​ unscrupulous hackers to​ upload private information quickly and​ easily, through your home internet connection.

With the​ threat of​ viruses, identity fraud, phishing, spyware and​ keyloggers, never has it​ been more important to​ protect the​ valuable contents of​ your home computer.

There are many types of​ internet security software out there, which offer varying ranges of​ performance when it​ comes to​ security. the​ most popular software requires the​ computer owner to​ purchase a​ license and​ download the​ software over the​ internet or​ buy the​ software from a​ reputable computer outlet for​ a​ set fee which includes 12 months of​ free updates, with a​ view to​ paying a​ further fee every 12 months to​ keep this update service going, this for​ some computer owners can be a​ slightly expensive encounter and​ can put owners off placing that all important security software on​ their home computer.

Is there a​ FREE and​ secure alternative? the​ answer I’m happy to​ say is​ yes.

Home internet security comes in​ four main categories of​ protection, Spyware Protection, Anti-Virus Protection, Firewall Protection and​ Windows Updates.

Spyware Protection

Spybot found at​ is​ an​ excellent free spyware removal tool which helps clear your system of​ any threats from Adware, Keyloggers, Malware etc, the​ program is​ very easy to​ use and​ updates can be downloaded for​ free and​ are updated on​ a​ regular basis to​ help make sure you​ are protected.

Anti-virus Protection

Avast! Anti-virus found at​ is​ a​ more than adequate anti-virus protection, registration is​ absolutely free for​ home and​ small business users and​ just requires the​ user to​ register once every twelve months, which is​ a​ very small burden especially when you​ can download virus definitions and​ program updates totally free.

Firewall Protection

Sygate Personal Firewall found at​ is​ again a​ totally free for​ home and​ small business users personal firewall, the​ setup of​ the​ program is​ very user friendly and​ can easily be setup by someone with little computer knowledge. the​ protection is​ highly suitable and​ very secure.

Windows Update

All computer users should make it​ their fortnightly chore to​ visit the​ Windows update service and​ download the​ latest security patches, these are most important to​ cover any floors which have been discovered in​ Microsoft applications. you​ can also switch the​ update to​ automatic, so when important downloads are available windows will download them using low bandwidth, so not to​ disturb your internet browsing.


Internet security is​ a​ high priority for​ all computer users, and​ whether this service is​ paid for​ or​ users wish to​ take advantage of​ the​ three excellent and​ secure software programs above for​ free, that is​ completely up to​ the​ individual. Some sort of​ internet security is​ better than none at​ all.

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