Internet Romance Good Idea Or Bad

Internet Romance Good Idea Or Bad

Mary's quest in​ finding a​ suitable partner for​ romance seemed impossible. She found the​ singles scene at​ clubs to​ be uncomfortable and​ her social circle seemed to​ consist of​ more married friends with a​ shrinking amount of​ singles.

Although she had heard of​ internet dating and​ saw the​ ads, she had hesitated to​ take what she imagined was a​ rather drastic step. What would her experiences be like? How would she find someone online? What were the​ risks?

If you​ are in​ this situation then quite likely you've considered venturing into online dating to​ meet someone.

Our lives are increasingly dependant on​ technology as​ opposed to​ face-to-face contact. it​ is​ not at​ all surprising that millions have already ventured into online dating as​ a​ way to​ find a​ relationship rather than waiting for​ a​ chance meeting.

But what are some of​ the​ findings as​ researchers spend more time analyzing the​ behavior of​ online daters?

In a​ study reported on​ CBS News, 15% of​ Americans with internet access have visited an​ internet dating site. 27% of​ them were 18-29 years old. Obviously online dating is​ a​ popular pastime.

The same study showed that 33% of​ unmarried internet users thought that dating online was a​ safe way to​ meet people although 34% acknowledged knowing someone who had a​ bad experience.

In another study reported by BBC News, online dating was seen as​ a​ way for​ women to​ feel empowered in​ relationships. the​ conventional inhibitions that they had in​ face-to-face relationships were replaced by a​ more upfront and​ in-control attitude when given the​ anonymity of​ the​ internet. Could this improve their chances at​ finding a​ perfect relationship?

Professor Helen Petrie was quoted in​ the​ BBC interview as​ stating "There are people who lack interpersonal social skills and​ would find it​ very difficult to​ meet people in​ bars. They may find it​ easy to​ meet in​ an​ internet room, but they still have the​ problem of​ meeting them face to​ face and​ if​ they have gone too far with the​ internet relationship, they may find that traumatic."

The truth is, many individuals find the​ anonymity of​ online romance encourages a​ certain amount of​ exaggeration or​ lying. While some claim that we always hide things at​ the​ beginning of​ a​ relationship, trying to​ put our best foot forward, the​ internet makes it​ easier to​ hide such things as​ facial expressions, income, marital status and​ even criminal records.

So while you​ may find, like Mary, that finding a​ romance relationship in​ the​ 'real' world is​ difficult - if​ you​ are still considering online dating it​ is​ wise to​ use caution and​ common sense. Be careful what you​ say about yourself and​ try to​ verify as​ much information as​ possible before meeting or​ personally contacting anyone you've met online and​ never meet them alone.

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