Internet Radio A Free Format For All

Internet Radio A Free Format For All

Internet Radio: a​ Free Format for​ All
The Internet has evolved and​ made many changes in​ our culture including personal MySpace pages, individual blogs, the​ way we trade information as​ well as​ the​ way the​ public finds and​ listens to​ music.
One of​ the​ upcoming and​ most popular formats is​ Internet Radio .​
Let’s discuss an​ Internet station,, who promotes, plays and​ exclusively features independent artists and​ their music.
Internet radio stations have been online for​ more than three years and​ offer listeners an​ alternative to​ subscription radio and​ commercial radio because of​ the​ eclectic music formats and​ unique opportunities for​ independent bands .​
The music is​ being brought to​ the​ forefront with stations like .​

I spoke with DJ Tom of​ about the​ radio station and​ why it​ is​ important, not only the​ bands and​ individual artists they promote, but to​ the​ public as​ well .​
First and​ foremost, it​ is​ all about the​ music, explained DJ Tom .​
We offer a​ chance for​ the​ independent artists to​ submit their music free to​ us and​ to​ do that, they just go to​ our site and​ submit the​ music through a​ resource called Music Submit we have an​ exclusive agreement with them .​
Music Submit allows bands and​ artists to​ submit band bios’, media kits and​ of​ course, the​ music, and​ this service in​ turn helps the​ bands by promoting them on​ ezines, other Internet radio stations, blogs and​ music related web sites .​
And adds even more to​ the​ table .​
I​ asked DJ Tom to​ elaborate.
This gives the​ independent band or​ artist a​ unique opportunity to​ be heard with free exposure on​ our home page to​ reach their target audience and​ a​ chance for​ the​ band to​ attain new fans .​
We will also showcase bands in​ our Talent Showcase, keeping the​ band active on​ our play list .​
We also use the​ artists own promotional material blogs, YouTube, My Space and​ link up with them within our web site structure and​ we even create ring tones for​ them.
There is​ a​ free program on​ the​ site to​ download called Destiny Music Player so you​ can tune in​ to​ the​ station and​ other Internet radio stations .​
It is​ similar to​ many of​ the​ music players for​ computers and​ is​ very easy to​ use and​ navigate.
Tired of​ the​ same format from your local radio station? Tune in​ ilike2rock and​ you​ can add more than 150 and counting independent bands and​ artists to​ your music play list .​
I​ spoke to​ DJ Tom about some of​ the​ bands they play and​ promote.
This is​ what is​ the​ most exciting to​ me, we play the​ independent bands that submit to​ us and Music Submit, from all kinds of​ musical genres and​ it​ is​ a​ free format, for​ both the​ listener and​ the​ bands .​
I​ am very excited for​ all our bands and​ artists .​
Some of​ the​ bands we promote are Hypnogaja, which supplied background music for​ the​ hit television on​ FX called Dirt, Black Frog, who have played at​ the​ Sturgis Bike Rally and​ Hide From Cleo, one of​ Michigan’s hottest bands and​ we promote all the​ bands equally.
I was very impressed with DJ Tom and​ I​ too am excited to​ find new bands to​ listen to​ on​ the​ Internet .​
After all, it​ is​ always about the​ music.

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