Internet Presence With Promoblackbox

Internet Presence With Promoblackbox

by Tom A. Laios
Posted in​ Money Magnet News c 2018

By now most traditional brick and​ mortar business have realized that the​ future of​ marketing is​ online and​ they must enhance their online presence and​ visibility.
Online marketing, when done right can deliver the​ best return for​ every dollar invested.
Sadly, most business owners don’t know very much about online marketing and​ as​ a​ result money and​ resources are wasted and​ the​ end result is​ a​ very expensive digital business card.
Craig Garcia and​ Michael Corcoran, co-founders of​ EDC, have developed a​ cutting edge product that remedies this problem. in​ collaboration with in​ Touch Media, Promo BlackBox, is​ the​ newest addition to​ the​ EDC line of​ software. PromoBlackBox represents a​ quantum leap in​ terms of​ Internet Marketing technology and​ training. This unique package of​ tools will result in​ a​ significant and​ continuous influx of​ website traffic, dramatically higher conversion rates, and​ top quality company branding. PromoBlackBox is​ designed for​ any type of​ company, small or​ large. in​ short it​ provides companies and​ business owners a​ Total Internet Solution - highly advanced advertising & marketing software and​ executive training at​ mom and​ pop shop pricing.
There are three options in​ PromoBlackBox and​ each is​ designed to​ meet the​ specific needs and​ preferences of​ business owners. the​ Professional Package service level is​ ideal for​ a​ company that wishes to​ increase traffic to​ its website, generate more leads, gain free online publicity, improve website conversion and​ turn more prospects into customers. it​ includes, basic and​ advanced Google training, Search Chameleon, a​ fully automated autoresponder, an​ article submitter and​ weekly training Webinars taught by internet marketing experts.
The Executive Package provides all of​ the​ tools and​ training included in​ the​ Professional Package, but ALSO includes an​ array of​ additional advanced Internet marketing software such as, Sales Scout and​ Taguchi system.
The Total Internet Solution package is​ for​ the​ business owner who does not have the​ time to​ learn and​ use all of​ the​ above but would like to​ take advantage of​ it. it​ is​ a​ pre-built, pre-tested optimized campaign. Everything is​ set-up to​ the​ clients specs, all he has to​ do is​ fill in​ the​ vital information and​ be up and​ running in​ a​ matter if​ minutes.
This unique package should help even the​ smallest entrepreneur brand himself and​ create a​ significant presence on​ the​ internet and​ deliver a​ significant return for​ the​ amount of​ money invested.
PromoBackBox is​ available exclusively through EDC.

About EDC
EDC is​ a​ direct sales company specializing in​ sales of​ digital products including e-books and​ software titles and​ now also Promo Black Box. EDC offers several levels of​ business opportunities to​ the​ online entrepreneur

About in​ Touch Media Group
In Touch Media Group is​ an​ is​ an​ online marketing and​ PR firm recognized for​ its proprietary technology and​ cutting edge solutions that enable its clients to​ maximize their marketing objectives. in​ Touch Media Group has Google Corporate and​ Yahoo Ambassador Status

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