Internet Myths Exposed

Internet Myths Exposed

The last 10 years we have been overwhelmed by the​ get-rich-quick schemes on​ the​ internet. the​ variety is​ huge but they do have some common principles. They promise you​ less or​ no effort and​ spend nothing and​ gain gazillion dollars in​ a​ month.

Myth 1: Buy this “Super Magic” software and​ you​ will become an​ internet millionaire overnight.

Although there are great software titles out there that can automate your business, there is​ no such a​ thing like Magic software that does everything. you​ can find software saving you​ time or​ even money but you​ will never find software doing everything.

Myth 2: I make 35.000$ per month!

It’s true, people who make that income exist and​ maybe more. But what they don’t tell you​ is​ how much they spend in​ order to​ make those amounts of​ money. Don’t believe anyone of​ them, promise you​ that by spending 10$ you​ will achieve those numbers. a​ good example is​ Google Ad

Internet Myths Exposed

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