Internet Moutains Not The Yellow Brick Road.

Internet Moutains Not The Yellow Brick Road.

Rick Beneteau a​ great author and​ the​ inovator of​ the​ Ezine Marketing Machine once wrote. “The road to​ success is​ often a​ steep and​ rocky one. There are mountains in​ your way, not on​ the​ roadmap that you​ must be prepared to​ climb.”

This one small portion of​ a​ paragraph stuck with me more then anything else I have read on​ the​ subject of​ success on​ the​ Internet.

This story is​ not about Rick or​ about roads Though. it​ is​ however about the​ great mountains to​ success that lay in​ front of​ each of​ the​ brave souls that dare to​ travel the​ Internet marketing super highway.

With any mountain there are many dangers. With narrows, overhangs, cliffs, boulders, and​ loose rocks, dangers every one.

Even to​ the​ best-trained mountaineer one wrong calculation, a​ bad dission or​ the​ wrong hand placement can plumit them spiraling down to​ disaster, to​ their doom.

Of course there is​ a​ lot of​ wonderful safety equipment that the​ trained mountain climber can choose from to​ make there climb to​ the​ top a​ safe one. Also I am quite sure any intelligent mountaineer wouldn’t ever think about climbing any mountain with out the​ proper education and​ a​ complete understanding of​ the​ terrain.

Just like that mountain. Marketing on​ the​ Internet has many dangers obstacles that could cause disaster for​ even the​ best of​ the​ Internet marketers. Anyone wanting to​ market anything on​ line should educate them self’s and​ get to​ know the​ terrain before ever taking that first step.

In my opinion education is​ far and​ above the​ single most important element a​ new internet marketer should strive for. Let me just mention that the​ best place that I know of, for​ any person just starting or​ even the​ long term Internet veteran to​ get the​ very best in​ depth Internet marketing education is​ at​ Success University.

I wish some one had shared this information about Success University with me when I was first thinking about starting my Internet marketing career.
Believe me I have spent a​ lot of​ sleepless nights and​ a​ lot of​ money along the​ way just to​ end up full circle, broke and​ clueless. Unfortunately for​ me in​ one way or​ another I fell pray to​ just about every scam artist out there.

After about a​ dozen Make a​ Million Dollars Over Night and​ Get a​ Zillion Email Address By This Time Tomorrow scams I smartened up. Oh did I mention thick headedness runs my family.

My point to​ all of​ this is​ that the​ road to​ riches in​ Internet marketing is​ not the​ wonderful yellow brick road that 90% if​ the​ emails and​ webpage’s that are sent your way each day will tell you​ it​ is. you​ can’t get a​ million dollars over night. No matter what the​ experts say, unless maybe a​ rich Uncle dies, or​ you​ win the​ lottery.

The only true way to​ succeed on​ the​ Internet today is​ to​ have a​ solid plan that includes education and​ a​ lot of​ hard work.

The education part, Success University can help you​ with. the​ hard work, Well That’s up to​ you.

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