Internet Gambling

Internet Gambling

Temptation at Your Doorstep: Internet Gambling.

Can you​ imagine being able to​ place a​ bet with just a​ press of​ a​ button? Can you​ imagine playing and​ betting as​ long as​ you​ want?

Can you​ imagine gambling from the​ comfort of​ your own home?

We know for​ a​ fact that gambling is​ risky business, and​ unrestrained gambling is​ just asking for​ trouble. Compulsive gamblers already have a​ hard time restraining themselves from the​ call of​ casinos and​ bookies, and​ now Internet gambling just takes the​ ante a​ step further.

With Internet gambling, you​ don’t need hard cash. Everything that is​ online is​ so easy to​ access. Play Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Keno, Roulette or​ Slots. Play all day, all night.

Before the​ 1990s, gamblers who wanted to​ place a​ casino or​ sports type bet in​ the​ United States basically had two choices: they could travel to​ a​ legitimate brick-and-mortar gaming establishment or​ place an illegal wager through a​ bookie. However, with the​ emergence of​ the​ Internet in​ the​ mid-1990s, a​ new form of​ gambling appeared; Internet gambling through gaming casinos and​ sports wagering. Internet gambling can take place on​ any electronic device that offers Internet access anywhere on​ the​ globe.

Internet gambling makes payment options for​ gambling individuals easy. They can just choose from several types of​ payment options other than credit cards. These include:

VISA and​ MasterCard cards: These cards are tied directly to​ the​ cardholder’s bank account. Funds for​ all transactions are deducted directly from the​ cardholder’s bank account, but cardholders can make credit card-type transactions that do not require a​ personal identification number.

Private-label debit cards: These cards are similar to​ check cards above but are issued by private companies rather than credit card associations.

On-line payment providers: These companies send and​ receive funds electronically for​ such uses as​ on-line auctions and​ purchases.

Wire transfers: Some Internet gambling sites promote this method of​ payment, which allows Internet gambling customers to​ wire money directly from a​ bank account to​ the​ site.

“E-cash” or​ digital cash: It is​ a​ digital representation of​ real money that can be placed on​ a​ computer hard drive, smart card and​ other devices with memory. It can be purchased from an authorized provider.

Internet gambling sites also offer money orders; traveler’s checks; bank drafts; cashier’s, certified, and​ personal checks; and​ a​ number of​ other electronic banking systems or​ processors as​ payment options. With Internet gambling’s easy payment options, even a​ non-gambler would be tempted to​ try.

Statistics also show that Internet gambling has nearly doubled every year since 1997 – in​ 2001 it exceeded $2 billion. It also boasts 110 sport-related Internet gambling sites.

According to​ the​ American Psychological Association, Internet gambling could be just as​ addictive as​ alcohol and​ drugs.

This is​ a​ confession from quoted from the​ Gambling Problem Talking Point website:

”... I am addicted to​ online poker, not to​ mention soccer betting and​ casinos whenever I am in​ the​ vicinity of​ one.

For the​ longest time I thought I had the​ beast under control. Thought I was smater than the​ pack, and​ shrewd enough to​ beat the​ pack. Considered my betting to​ be more of​ an investment than anything else.

How much hav I lost gambling? I am afraid to​ tally.

Has it ruined my life? Almost ... I guess being from a​ wealthy family, it helped me to​ cover the​ tracks not to​ mention the​ losses.

But enough is​ enough and​ I would like to​ kick the​ habit alltogether.

I am sorry if​ I sound a​ little cocky or​ arrogant ... I have a​ problem. and​ even now am half hearted to​ completely agree that I do have one.

Will I continue to​ gamble? I am not sure. I would like to​ stop, but it is​ just so easy with the​ Internet and​ all.

I guess if​ I was in​ NZ, I could join a​ group onj a​ regular basis and​ get some help in​ person. But in​ Malaysia, how do I do that?

From reading some of​ the​ posts here, I share all the​ common symptoms.

It is​ a​ disease, and​ can destroy the​ best of​ people, not to​ mention families and​ loved ones a​ like.

What can I do? How can I help myself...”

Internet gambling is​ a​ very slippery slope. It can ruin your life and​ the​ life of​ your loved ones. So the​ next time Internet gambling knocks on​ your door, think twice.

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