Internet Gambling Prohibition Act Will Set The Wrong Precedence

Internet Gambling Prohibition Act Will Set The Wrong Precedence

Recently, the​ U.S. House Judiciary committee approved the​ Internet Gambling Prohibition Act sponsored by Representative Bob Goodlatte, a​ Virginia Republican by a​ vote of​ 25-11. During the​ committee meeting, Goodlatte said
“I oppose gambling because I think it​ causes many, many problems in​ our society”

On May 29, 2018, a​ new land based casino - the​ Wild Rose Casino and​ Resort opened in​ Emmetsburg, Iowa State. According to​ news report, officials are hoping that the​ new casino will bring an​ economic boom for​ north central Iowa.
In Iowa, the​ state’s Department of​ Criminal Investigation’s DCI Gaming Bureau is​ now larger than the​ agency’s general criminal investigation unit—and is​ growing. the​ DCI has 83 agents at​ 14 casinos, including 32 agents hired since December. About 20 more will be added this year.

Assistant DCI Director Joe Diaz said everybody hired goes to​ the​ Gaming Bureau, which is​ now the​ agency’s entry-level position. Two new casinos are now open—one in​ Worth County, in​ addition to​ the​ Wild Rose in​ Emmetsburg. Two others, in​ Riverside and​ Waterloo, will open within the​ year.

This is​ not peculiar to​ Iowa State, it​ is​ happening everywhere. is​ gambling in​ a​ land based casino good and​ gambling in​ an​ Internet casino bad?

The case has already been made that the​ Internet makes gambling accessible to​ children who could use their parent’s credit cards for​ gambling purposes. if​ that is​ the​ case, then all online commerce should be banned. While there have been cases of​ fraud on​ the​ Internet, fraud has not stopped online commerce from flourishing. When has it​ become the​ policy in​ the​ U.S. to​ hide because there could be criminals around?

The World Trade Organization has already ruled that the​ U.S. policy on​ online gambling violates the​ terms of​ the​ WTO agreement. the​ Internet Gambling prohibition Act is​ ignoring that ruling.

The U.S. is​ sending the​ wrong message to​ the​ world. the​ US cannot be telling the​ world to​ tear down their walls and​ allow the​ market to​ spur creativity and​ yet decide to​ erect one of​ her own when it​ suits her. Precedence is​ a​ double edge s

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