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The Internet has made it​ very easy and​ complex to​ express ourselves .​
We can express ourselves through many different ways, and​ as​ a​ result it’s difficult to​ collect all of​ these media of​ expression in​ one place .​
So what are the​ different ways that the​ Internet allows us to​ express ourselves ?
For amateur authors, it​ is​ certainly easier to​ write .​
While previously, one had to​ go through an​ arduous task of​ writing proofs, the​ amateur fiction writers can now express their imagination, at​ any time by writing on​ online sites - e.g .​
different variations of​ anime/manga, shows, books, movies, etc.. .​
such as​ Inuyasha, Pokemon, Spider Man, Harry Potter, and​ many more .​
If we’re looking for​ that exciting story, or​ a​ calming one, hundreds of​ stories are there to​ choose from .​
or​ maybe we want to​ express ourselves and​ write one - you​ can do that .​
All kinds of​ categories and​ sub categories in​ them; different genres so you​ can decide what story fits your mood of​ the​ day.
Then there’s the​ socializing aspect .​
We usually have different groups we’re a​ part of​ - different groups of​ friends, many from college, some from school, family, all kinds .​
Some sites allow you​ to​ create different groups, post profiles and​ interact with the​ members, even chat specific to​ each group .​
Keep the​ conversations private !
Of course, you​ can post your own profile and​ interact with others by commenting on​ their profiles, ask to​ become friends, rate them, share your favorite videos and​ music, send messages, etc .​
Socializing would not be fun if​ you​ couldn’t set up and​ organize an​ event - invite people who want to​ get together with .​
It’s really low risk because you​ can just send an​ email to​ that special person asking for​ a​ really innocent get together .​
Or invite your parents to​ an​ event 6 months from now, to​ make them feel wanted .​
Of course, you​ can invite the​ world to​ an​ open event if​ you​ want to​ have a​ really big party !
The forums are pretty interesting - very CANDID opinions posted by people on​ a​ variety of​ topics .​
you​ get a​ good idea of​ what people like us are thinking about.
And if​ you’re not so sure of​ what’s your opinion on​ something should be, ask others - develop a​ poll and​ see what others think .​
the​ way to​ keep up with the​ latest trends !
Several sites offer these facilities in​ 1 place - groups, individuals, events, polls, stories, forums, chat, games in​ 1 place - whether you​ want to​ absorb and​ read a​ story, other people’s opinions, view profile; or, if​ you’re in​ that extrovert mood, you​ can form a​ group, or​ ask to​ join one, or​ reach out and​ invite someone to​ a​ great event .​
Whether alone or​ with a​ group, keeps you​ company.
So now we can express ourselves in​ one place, with all kinds of​ expressions - these sites are an​ avenue for​ us to​ entertain ourselves, to​ socialize, to​ post our opinions, or​ even play online games.

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