Internet Explorer Tips That Can Improve Your Web Surfing Experience

Internet Explorer Tips That Can Improve Your Web Surfing Experience
Here are best internet explorer Version: 6.0 tips that can improve your web surfing experience .​
Using these tips you​ can browse the​ web faster & safer.
View pages offline -When you​ want to​ view pages offline at​ your convenience put the​ pages in​ your favorite list .​
Steps for​ customize cookies:
1. Connect to​ the​ internet and​ access the​ page.
2. Click Favorites on​ IE .​
3. Add to​ Favourites.
4. In the​ name field enter a​ name of​ the​ page or​ default name.
5. Create a​ new folder or​ select a​ folder that already created.
6. Click Make available offline check box
7. Click ok
8. To access the​ page when you​ are offline, click Favorites.
9. From the​ drop down menu click the​ folder & select the​ title of​ the​ page
Cookies -Cookies are small test files that some web sites store on​ your hard disk .​
Use of​ cookies: Alert you​ to​ the​ new content, store certain registration information, and​ customize the​ site .​
Note: Some sites may store cookies to​ use your personal information without your consent .​
So, you​ can customize your browse settings to​ allow cookies from only those sites that you​ consider safe.
Steps for​ customize cookies:
1. Click tools
2. Click internet options
3. Click privacy tab
4. Move the​ slider to​ set privacy level for​ the​ Internet Zone .​
There are three level High, Medium, and​ Low .​
We recommend medium level suitable for​ most of​ users .​
Medium level check internet sites for​ a​ privacy policy, compare privacy policy to​ my preference, allow all websites to​ use cookies, do not allow unsatisfactory third parties to​ use cookies, and​ compatible with most websites .​

Access recently visited website without typing URL –If you​ want to​ access a​ recently visited site again, click the​ down arrow at​ the​ right of​ the​ address box and​ select web address from the​ drop down window .​
You also access recently visited site again, typing a​ few

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