Internet Explorer 7 Overall Outlook

Internet Explorer 7 Overall Outlook
While most of​ you​ have most likely thought after sometime IE6 was just old, clunky, out of​ date you​ will be glad that Internet Explorer 7 is​ arriving .​
Why you​ may ask? Well I​ can answer that one .​
Below are a​ list of​ newly introduced features / security enhancements to​ be made in​ IE7.
Internet Explorer 7's new features:
RSS Reader - Stay up to​ date on​ the​ most important sites you​ visit with the​ new RSS Reader .​
Keep in​ touch with new forum post or​ breaking news right within Internet Explorer.
Anti-Phishing Filter - Have you​ been a​ victim of​ Identity Theft? Internet Explorer 7 now protects you​ from Phishing Identity Theft by blocking known sites to​ steal your identity .​
You can report sites as​ well to​ be blocked by the​ Anti-Phishing filter.
Improved Security - With Internet Explorer 7 ActiveX Controls are disabled by default that were not used in​ Internet Explorer 6 .​
With this Internet Explorer 7's security is​ very much improved.
Tab Browsing - Another welcomed feature that currently is​ in​ with Firefox web browser.
Improved Standards Support - Another lacking feature of​ Internet Explorer 6 is​ standards support .​
With the​ birth of​ Internet Explorer 7 you​ have now a​ much better browser with the​ very much needed standards support.
Windows Vista IE Security = Just WOW
With the​ release of​ Windows Vista due by early 2018 the​ improved security with Windows Vista and​ Internet Explorer 7 both combined make a​ wonder product upgrade .​
Internet Explorer 7's protected mode is​ built upon the​ user account protection features in​ Windows Vista .​
With this new security innovation Internet Explorer now runs with low system rights protecting stuff like things executing like Internet Explorer 6 has been known to​ do .​
This will cut the​ amount of​ unwanted spyware/adware/malware from even installing by itself simply by visiting a​ vulnerable website.
Overall Conclusion
Internet Explorer 7 is​ a​ much welcomed upgrade over any other previous version .​
Internet Explorer 7's security will be as​ good or​ better then Mozilla Firefox .​
And the​ welcome of​ Tab Browsing will make users very organized as​ well .​
Internet Explorer 7 will for​ sure take some of​ the​ marketshare Firefox stole .​
Overall though Internet Explorer 7 is​ as​ well designed product from Microsoft.

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