Internet Copywriting Make Your Offer Irresistible

Internet Copywriting Make Your Offer Irresistible

Want to​ increase your online sales? Make sure your offer is​ one they can't pass up!

Any offer you​ make through your Internet copywriting needs to​ be worth the​ readers' time. Time is​ valuable and​ there is​ no bigger waste of​ time - for​ you​ as​ the​ creator or​ for​ your reader - than a​ worthless offer.

A number of​ years ago, a​ newspaper advertising sales rep went to​ her boss, disgusted that her client would not buy the​ ad schedule she pitched. it​ turned out that the​ last time the​ client ran an​ ad - five years before - "I didn't get a​ single result from my coupon" that he ran way back then. the​ coupon was for​ a​ free coffee refill... something that was already common practice at​ the​ restaurant. Honestly, who would bother?

"Go back and​ tell that man we'll run his ad for​ free if​ he will live up to​ the​ offer we create," was the​ ad manager's response. From there, he proceeded to​ tell the​ young sales rep to​ tell the​ client that the​ coupon would read "Bring this in​ for​ $1.00 in​ cash." So, she did.

The client naturally refused because he knew he would have too many takers. What he finally admitted to​ himself is​ that his advertising did not work because his offer was lousy. Keep this business owner's woes in​ mind as​ you​ plan to​ create your own irresistible offers with your Internet copywriting.

Make your offer one that is​ worth the​ time it​ takes to​ respond. a​ "Free 60 day trial" is​ a​ pretty good offer for​ an​ online program. What kind of​ offers can your business make?

The key to​ getting readers to​ respond to​ your offers is​ to​ make them irresistible. Can you​ afford to​ knock several dollars off the​ fee for​ your product or​ service? or​ maybe you​ can make a​ strong guarantee, making your product or​ service almost risk free. Transferring the​ risk from the​ customer to​ you​ will help remove resistance to​ your offer.

Whatever it​ is​ you​ decide to​ offer, honor the​ offer at​ all costs. Keep your 't worry about it. No one knows your product or​ service as​ well as​ you​ do. Because of​ your passion for​ the​ product or​ service you​ are selling, you​ know it​ better than even a​ professional copywriter. Let that passion lead your Internet copywriting as​ you​ work to​ create the​ perfect offer that your potential customers just cannot refuse!

If you​ need some help creating an​ irresistible offer for​ your Internet copywriting, ask yourself, "What would make me buy?" Think about your answer. is​ it​ do-able? if​ so, let that be your irresistible offer.

You can always make it​ available for​ a​ limited time another good way to​ get people to​ act quickly in​ case you​ decide the​ offer is​ too good to​ be very profitable.

Add a​ sense of​ urgency to​ your offer to​ get people to​ act immediately. if​ they put it​ off, they are likely to​ forget about it​ and​ you​ end up losing the​ sale. Adding a​ sense of​ urgency can be done by limiting the​ quantity or​ time of​ the​ offer or​ both. for​ example, the​ special offer is​ good only for​ the​ next 100 people who order, or​ the​ offer expires in​ 48 hours. you​ can even use both to​ heighten the​ sense of​ urgency.

In summary, make your offer irresistible. Make it​ worth the​ effort to​ the​ customer to​ place the​ order. Transfer the​ risk from the​ customer to​ you​ and​ add a​ sense of​ urgency. Then be sure to​ live up to​ what you​ have written in​ you​ copy. if​ you​ do these thing, you'll see your sales skyrocket!

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