Internet Content Filtering 24

It was hard to​ figure out how to​ keep children away from the​ sites online that parents did not want them to​ see .​
As the​ Internet grew, so did the​ numbers of​ sites that were just not suitable for​ children .​
This became a​ huge problem and​ some companies came out with ways to​ control Internet content filtering .​
This meant that many sites were blocked, but parents found that this was not always perfect .​
Some blocked sites that were fine, and​ some not-so-pleasant sites got through anyway .​
Today, however, things are better than ever.
There are new toys on​ the​ market that allow children to​ go to​ specific sites that are okay with the​ parents .​
This type of​ internet content filtering is​ something that is​ better than it​ ever was before because it​ is​ already programmed with the​ sites that are okay .​
Those same toys do not allow a​ child to​ find anything else online no matter what they try to​ do .​
Most kids don’t go looking for​ things they shouldn’t see, but they do have an​ uncanny knack for​ finding those things .​
This new toy is​ something that completely puts a​ stop to​ it.
You may not think about internet content filtering for​ yourself, but it​ might not be a​ bad idea .​
I​ know that I​ run into things online - while I​ am doing research - that I​ really don’t want to​ see .​
Because some sites seem to​ be one thing and​ end up being something else completely, this is​ something that happens to​ many people .​
You may not want to​ have internet content filtering programs on​ your computer just for​ you, but there are some small things that you​ can do to​ cut down on​ the​ less than pleasant surprises that come up when you​ are searching for​ something else.
Some of​ the​ search engines have a​ build in​ internet content filtering feature .​
Google, for​ example, has where you​ can have safe search .​
This even has different levels from which you​ can choose .​
That means you​ can search for​ an​ image something without worrying about pоrn related pictures popping up in​ your search results .​
Though I​ am not sure if​ all searches have this type of​ internet content filtering in​ place, I​ wouldn’t be surprised if​ they did .​
Not only that, you​ will soon learn to​ do your own filtering by realizing which search terms might bring you​ to​ some sites that you​ do not want to​ see.

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