Internet Connection Sharing In Schools

Internet Connection Sharing in​ Schools
UserGate for​ Schools prevents the​ usual headaches of​ installing and​ maintaining a​ safe and​ secure Internet connection sharing .​
The system runs on​ a​ Windows PC and​ provides simple installation, automatic configuration and​ easy customization.
Distributing Internet connectivity among students has vastly different requirements from sharing the​ same Internet connection between users in​ an​ office .​
Sharing a​ connection could not be easier with the​ broad availability of​ various hardware and​ software routers and​ firewalls .​
Not being able to​ control how the​ connection is​ being used is​ usually what prevents many schools from sharing Internet connectivity to​ students .​
Unrestricted and​ uncontrolled access to​ Internet resources by underage students can cause more harm than good .​
Numerous online and​ Flash-based games not only deter from the​ education process, but often link to​ malicious code that will infect all school computers if​ given the​ slightest chance.
UserGate Security Server by Entensys prevents the​ headaches of​ installing, configuring and​ maintaining Internet connection sharing .​
The system runs on​ a​ Windows PC and​ provides simple installation, automatic configuration and​ easy adjustments .​
UserGate Security Server installs as​ a​ NAT and​ DHCP server with extensive firewall protection, traffic shaping and​ real-time anti-virus control .​
The DHCP server assigns network addresses and​ configures network parameters for​ all connected PCs automatically, while the​ NAT driver provides transparent operation to​ all network users .​
All traffic to​ and​ from connected PCs flows exclusively through the​ UserGate Security Server, making it​ easy to​ shape, control and​ filter any resources visited by the​ students .​
The built-in anti-virus software scans every bit of​ information that passes through UserGate Security Server, which, when combined with firewall protection from external attacks, makes a​ school network literally attack-proof .​
It is​ not easy to​ protect school computers against virus, spyware and​ malware attacks .​
Installing, maintaining and​ updating anti-virus software on​ numerous computers consumes considerable amounts of​ time, and​ still cannot provide 100% protection against the​ newest threats .​
UserGate Security Server removes that headache, too .​
With two anti-virus cores built-in: Panda and​ Kaspersky Antivirus KAV, UserGate Security Server is​ always up-to-date, providing continuous protection to​ all connected PCs by monitoring all traffic that flows through the​ system.

UserGate Security Server is​ easy to​ install and​ maintain, and​ provides simple access to​ advanced configuration settings .​
The system does not require an​ experienced network administrator to​ set up, configure or​ maintain the​ sharing of​ your network .​
UserGate Security Server is​ a​ highly versatile solution that provides the​ ultimate control and​ security to​ your network at​ a​ very affordable price .​
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