Internet Communication Made Easy For Net Developers

Internet Communication Made Easy for​ .NET Developers
Save time developing efficient and​ clean client-server products in​ .NET environment.
Developing Internet-based projects is​ arguably the​ most common task for​ .NET developers .​
.NET Framework offers extensive support for​ most communication protocols, which makes such projects faster and​ easier to​ develop than using traditional programming languages and​ development environments.
It works great for​ common tasks, but what if​ your project requires communications more complex than offered by .NET Framework? the​ abilities of​ the​ .NET Framework are quite limited .​
For example, by using bare Framework functionality, you​ would have to​ implement support for​ receiving and​ parsing data, and​ generate code to​ support standard cryptographic protocols .​
And most importantly, the​ .NET Framework, while offering extensive support for​ HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, and​ DNS protocols for​ developing client applications, hardly includes any server application support for​ these protocols.
Clever Internet .NET Suite by Clever Components offers a​ cost-efficient, royalty-free solution for​ .NET developers .​
It extends .NET Framework by implementing both client and​ server-based components for​ FTP, SMTP, and​ POP3 protocols, while supporting multiple Internet protocols, including HTTP, WebDAV, IMAP, NNTP, DNS, and​ S/MIME .​
The components support data compression and​ secure transmission.
Developing email products becomes faster, easier and​ more reliable with Clever Internet .NET Suite .​
Using components from Clever Internet .NET Suite you​ can easily create and​ send a​ message in​ practically any format, including HTML formatted messages, embedded images and​ complex attachments .​
Even exotic formats such as​ Hotmail are supported!
Developing an​ email application that does not require a​ dedicated SMTP server to​ send messages is​ also easy thanks to​ built-in SMTP Relay support .​
Full S/MIME support enables you​ to​ easily empower your product with email encryption and​ digital signatures.
Corporate developers will certainly appreciate support of​ SSL / TLS protocols for​ secure data transmission .​
Clever Internet .NET Suite offers royalty-free, pure managed .NET components based on​ a​ C# code base, with no external dependencies .​
Clever Components is​ constantly updating its products, and​ offers a​ full year of​ free updates and​ dedicated technical support to​ all customers, making Clever Internet .NET Suite a​ safe investment.
Clever Internet .NET Suite is​ available as​ a​ free demo
Best regards,
Alexandre Poloziouk
Clever Components team.

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