Internet Chat Tips Staying Safe Following The Rules Of Etiquette

Internet Chat Tips Staying Safe Following The Rules Of Etiquette

The internet can be a​ great place to​ meet people, chat, network, swap knowledge, learn and​ a​ host of​ other things. But when interacting with people on​ the​ net, you​ should follow a​ few rules to​ keep yourself safe and​ keep from aggravating other people. Here are four general rules to​ get you​ started – many forums also have specific rules you​ should read.

Rule #1 – be careful with your contact info

When you're on​ the​ internet, you​ generally want to​ keep a​ level of​ anonymity, because you​ don't really know who you​ might be talking with or​ that might view your information. for​ example, you​ should be very, very careful about giving out your phone number or​ address to​ anyone you​ meet. Use email, IM, chat, blogs, etc, to​ communicate.

Rule #2 – follow the​ rules for​ promoting your product or​ service

If you​ have a​ product or​ service you​ want to​ promote, you​ should follow several rules for​ doing so. First of​ all, don't post advertisements in​ forums, other people's blogs, etc. Most forums do allow you​ to​ have a​ signature or​ profile with a​ link to​ your website. That is​ the​ polite way to​ promote. Also, it's generally acceptable to​ post a​ link to​ your website in​ response to​ a​ post requesting a​ service or​ product like yours.

Rule #3 – No adult material

You should not post links or​ otherwise distribute adult material in​ forums, chat groups, etc, for​ several reasons. First of​ all, it's probably against the​ rules. Secondly, if​ you​ send it​ to​ a​ minor, it's illegal and​ you​ could get in​ big troubles. Thirdly, it's not appreciated! Don't do it!

Rule #4 – the​ golden rule

Just like in​ non-virtual life, the​ golden rule goes a​ long way. Be kind and​ considerate in​ your dealings with others, and​ always treat them how you​ like to​ be treated. Don't bash people, be obnoxious, etc.

So...follow the​ rules, be kind, and​ have fun!

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