Internet Car Auctions Can Take You For A Ride

Internet Car Auctions Can Take You For A Ride

The Internet has provided the​ public with a​ useful and​ convenient tool that makes it​ easier to​ do all manner of​ things than it​ used to​ be. One of​ these things, oddly enough, is​ the​ sale of​ motor vehicles. it​ seems strange that cars would sell well on​ the​ Web, as​ one would think that buyers would want to​ "kick the​ tires" before making a​ purchase. the​ success of​ eBay Motors, AutoTrader and​ other online sites devoted to​ the​ sale of​ motor vehicles would suggest otherwise, as​ business at​ those sites is​ thriving.

Consumers who wish to​ purchase a​ vehicle online should be aware of​ a​ popular scam perpetrated by crooks who wish to​ steal your money – the​ wire transfer scam. the​ seller offers a​ vehicle for​ sale that he or​ she doesn't really have; they often just post a​ stock photo or​ one they found somewhere. the​ sellers often indicate that they are located in​ Europe, and​ they insist on​ a​ wire transfer, such as​ Western Union, for​ payment. Once the​ buyer sends the​ money, the​ seller vanishes, never to​ be heard from again.

This scam has been going on​ for​ some time, and​ most of​ the​ online auto auction sites encourage their customers never to​ pay for​ a​ vehicle using a​ wire transfer, even if​ the​ seller promises to​ use escrow to​ ensure the​ safety of​ the​ transaction.

Here are a​ few tips for​ those people who are shopping for​ a​ vehicle online:

# Ask the​ seller if​ you​ can stop by and​ see the​ vehicle in​ person. Someone who doesn't actually have the​ vehicle in​ his or​ her possession will almost certainly refuse. Even if​ you​ have no intention of​ paying a​ visit, just asking to​ see it​ could be useful.

# Watch out for​ auctions that feature stock photos or​ photos from brochures. Anyone with a​ real car to​ sell should be able to​ take a​ picture of​ it.

# Beware of​ any seller who will only accept a​ wire transfer for​ payment.

# Beware of​ a​ seller who says the​ vehicle is​ in​ another country but offers to​ pay the​ shipping to​ the​ United States. This is​ a​ common ruse used by scammers in​ other countries.

# Watch out for​ a​ vehicle that is​ offered for​ sale at​ a​ price that seems too inexpensive for​ the​ model. a​ $25,000 car offered for​ $10,000 should set off bells in​ your head.

# if​ on​ eBay, check the​ seller's transaction history to​ see if​ they have a​ record of​ actually selling vehicles. Scammers sometimes hack into eBay user accounts and​ sell using the​ name of​ another, established user. if​ the​ seller is​ selling a​ Harley but has a​ history of​ only buying compact discs, watch out.

While buying a​ vehicle through online auction sites is​ a​ good way to​ purchase one, buyers should exercise the​ same cautions as​ when they buy anything else on​ the​ Internet. if​ you​ are buying an​ expensive item and​ you​ are not familiar with the​ seller, be careful.

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