Internet Calling Making The World A Smaller Place

Internet Calling Making The World A Smaller Place

Internet calling has revolutionized the​ way we communicate and​ the​ way we do business. in​ just a​ few short years it​ has become the​ preferred method of​ communication for​ millions of​ people worldwide for​ a​ whole variety of​ reasons.

Internet calling, also known as​ Voice Over Internet Protocol VoIP, allows people to​ make voice calls to​ each other over the​ internet, usually using their computers. All that is​ needed is​ a​ relatively modern PC, a​ fast internet connection and​ it​ is​ possible to​ communicate with people from all over the​ world for​ absolutely free.


It is​ possible to​ use a​ conventional phone to​ make internet calls but most people use a​ headset or​ a​ special USB phone that plugs into their computer. There are hundreds of​ products available for​ internet calling ranging from simple headsets that plug into your computer's microphone and​ earphone jacks to​ specially made internet calling phones that plug into your computer's USB port.

The most basic headsets will cost only a​ few dollars with more sophisticated models costing anywhere up to​ $100. USB internet calling phones can be had for​ as​ little as​ $20, but can cost a​ few hundred dollars for​ top of​ the​ range models.

Call costs

For individuals, the​ main advantage of​ internet calling is​ that it​ can be done for​ free, or​ for​ a​ very low cost. Skype is​ by far the​ most popular internet calling service available at​ the​ moment. Download this from and​ register an​ account for​ free and​ you​ will be able to​ call other Skype users, no matter what their location, for​ no cost.

It is​ also possible to​ use internet calling to​ call conventional telephones and​ cell phones. This will set you​ back a​ bit, but costs are really very low. for​ example, Skype will allow you​ to​ call conventional telephones in​ North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and​ many other parts of​ the​ world for​ just a​ couple of​ cents a​ minute. Calls to​ countries in​ places like Africa and​ calls to​ cell phones are more expensive but still represent great value for​ money.

Other features

Over the​ past few years, internet calling has developed into much more than just a​ means of​ making voice calls. Services like Skype now offer all kinds of​ extra features that really makes internet calling an​ excellent form of​ communication.

For example, with Skype you​ can rent a​ conventional telephone number in​ your area that allows people to​ make calls straight to​ your computer from conventional telephones. This number acts just the​ same as​ a​ normal telephone number so people calling you​ from your local area will just pay local call charges. Other features of​ internet calling include video calls, live chat, sms messaging, call recording and​ a​ lot more. Bear in​ mind that while Skype is​ the​ most popular internet calling service today it​ is​ not the​ only one, so be sure to​ have a​ look around to​ see what is​ out there both in​ terms of​ value for​ money and​ features.

Internet calling for​ business

Internet calling offers a​ wide range of​ new opportunities for​ business. Perhaps chief among these are web audio and​ video conferencing. Whereas in​ the​ past businesses had to​ fork out top dollar for​ conferencing services, perfectly good conferences can now be arranged for​ little or​ no cost. in​ fact, web conferencing offers many extra benefits as​ files can be shared and​ presentations can be made online that all participants can use and​ see.

Basically, all that participants need is​ a​ computer made in​ the​ last three or​ four years and​ a​ microphone and​ speakers, or​ a​ headset to​ talk and​ listen. for​ small conferences services like Skype should be perfectly adequate allowing nine people to​ audio or​ video conference at​ once. if​ needs be, participants can join the​ conference using traditional telephones.

For businesses with higher budgets and​ more sophisticated needs there are plenty of​ web conferencing services providing facilities for​ larger conferences and​ state of​ the​ art equipment.

There are many advantages to​ internet calling for​ business. By switching to​ internet calling and​ web conferencing a​ business can save a​ lot of​ money. First it​ can save money on​ call costs while web conferencing cuts out the​ need for​ expensive business trips and​ the​ loss in​ productivity associated with them. the​ real beauty is​ that business can communicate with colleagues and​ clients anywhere in​ the​ the world at​ any time.

There is​ little doubt that internet calling is​ the​ way of​ the​ future, and​ those who have not already embraced it​ soon will. and​ as​ the​ technology improves and​ more people get access to​ high speed internet worldwide the​ quality and​ features are only going to​ improve.

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