Internet Bingo Tips

Internet Bingo Tips

So you​ have read about playing internet bingo, or​ maybe heard a​ bingo site mentioned in​ the​ bingo hall, and​ you​ are thinking of​ giving it​ a​ try.

Before you​ rush out and​ sign up with the​ first internet bingo site that you​ can find, read these tips for​ new players at​ bingo sites:

Bingo sites and​ PIN number? What's that?

In many cases the​ bingo site's cash-out policies are reasonable, albeit a​ little inconvenient. Many of​ them issue the​ user a​ unique identification number, a​ PIN that you​ need in​ order to​ initiate a​ cash-out.

Often your PIN number comes via regular postal mail from the​ internet bingo site which can be annoyingly slow. the​ theory is​ that it's for​ your own good since receiving it​ confirms that you​ actually live at​ the​ address that the​ website has in​ their database. it​ also helps the​ website avoid fraud. Whatever, it's become part of​ the​ way they do business so you're probably just going to​ have to​ get used to​ it.

What does it​ cost to​ play at​ a​ bingo site?

Many internet bingo sites will charge you​ a​ fee for​ your withdrawals. Some will charge a​ flat rate, a​ few charge a​ percentage, and​ almost all websites will charge you​ more if​ you​ want your money "right now thank you​ very much".

It's well worth your time to​ read your online bingo site's page of​ "Banking" or​ "Withdrawals". the​ vast majority of​ websites are quite reasonable in​ their withdrawal charges, but you​ never know until you​ know. if​ it's not clear, email or​ phone them and​ find out what the​ deal is.

Hidden fees at​ bingo sites

So the​ check is​ in​ the​ mail…

Maybe, but again, it​ depends on​ the​ details. for​ example, depositing an​ Australian check at​ a​ Swiss bank may incur further costs and​ even take weeks to​ clear. Make sure that you​ get paid in​ your own currency!

We've known people to​ be hit with stiff transaction fees when they ask their bank to​ process a​ check drawn on​ a​ foreign bank. the​ very best payout plan we've seen lately is​ the​ Instant Withdrawals via Neteller. This option is​ only available at​ a​ very few internet bingo sites but we expect to​ see this payout option becoming much more popular in​ the​ future.

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