Internet Bingo Chatroom Acronyms

Internet Bingo Chatroom Acronyms

Perfect your internet bingo chat with these easy to​ use internet bingo acronyms so you​ don't look silly & confused right in​ the​ middle of​ your game.

Although internet bingo is​ an​ easy game to​ play, there are still a​ number of​ things you​ should know about the​ game. Understanding these internet bingo chatroom acronyms is​ extremely important, unless you​ want everybody to​ know that you​ are new to​ bingo!

These internet bingo acronyms really help speed up your chat so you​ can enjoy playing as​ well as​ chatting in​ proper bingo lingo at​ the​ same time with fellow roomies.

Internet bingo is​ a​ fast-paced game, and​ the​ chat feature requires that you​ know your internet bingo acronyms. Internet bingo acronyms are easy to​ learn, fun to​ use, and​ will simplify your internet bingo experience while playing at​ sites like

Chatrooms are one of​ the​ best things to​ do while playing bingo; it​ especially helps bring the​ whole bingo hall experience to​ your computer. you​ may be at​ home but there's a​ whole chatroom full of​ players to​ talk bingo lingo to. for​ time savings measures, you​ should know some common internet bingo abbreviations or​ acronyms also known as​ Internet Bingo Lingo for​ when you​ prefer to​ rather concentrate on​ your internet bingo game and​ not your spelling.

Internet Bingo players use many of​ the​ common chatroom acronyms plus some specifically related to​ the​ game of​ internet bingo. for​ some reason, I seldom see any emoticons or​ smilies being used. I guess it's because during the​ internet bingo game, chitchat drops and​ the​ conversation turns serious. There's not any reason to​ express subtleties of​ emotion when you're saying "1tg 1tg!!"

With these useful internet bingo chatroom acronyms, you​ should fit right in​ when playing internet bingo.

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