Internet Bingo Chat Room Etiquette

Internet Bingo Chat Room Etiquette

The nice thing about playing internet bingo is​ that you​ get to​ chat online to​ all your internet buddies. the​ chat feature allows fellow internet bingo players the​ chance to​ chat with each other as​ well as​ to​ ask for​ help from the​ chat leaders.

The chat room also provides ways for​ providers of​ internet bingo to​ have mini chat room games. in​ these games you​ can win small amounts of​ Bonus Credits to​ spend at​ the​ site. Bingodrome offers chat room games like Bounce, Runner and​ Lucky Number.

When you​ use the​ internet bingo chat facility there are certain rules and​ considerations you​ must take note of​ when using the​ chat room facility.

1 When choosing your internet bingo nickname this is​ the​ name you​ will go by when playing the​ game do not choose a​ name that is​ obviously offensive to​ other players.

2 a​ player must treat all fellow internet bingo players with respect, do not moan if​ another player is​ on​ some kind of​ winning streak.

3 as​ is​ true in​ everyday life the​ following is​ not welcome in​ online bingo chat rooms: any harassment or​ abuse to​ fellow players, no racial abuse or​ slurs and​ no chatting of​ an​ openly sexual nature.

4 Do not get angry if​ a​ fellow player does not want to​ chat with you. They might be away from there computer or​ using the​ auto-buy feature that most respectable internet bingo establishments use.

5 No advertising of​ other internet bingo sites on​ the​ chat rooms is​ allowed.

6 When a​ player runs out of​ credits he may not ask fellow players for​ credits.

If you​ are caught doing any of​ the​ above, you​ will be licked from the​ room and​ if​ the​ offense is​ of​ a​ serious nature, you​ could be banned from the​ internet bingo site. So players must stick to​ these rules so everyone has an​ enjoyable time.

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