Internet Answering Service

Internet Answering Service

Internet Answering Service
Though most people are now turning to​ wireless, DSL, and​ broadband connections for​ their Internet access, those with dial-up modems still know how, occasionally, you​ can miss a​ call from someone important while surfing the​ web .​
That’s where an​ Internet answering service comes in​ .​

An Internet answering service more or​ less screens phone calls for​ subscribers, allowing them to​ decide whether or​ not they want to​ take the​ phone call immediately as​ it​ is​ received or​ to​ have it​ transferred to​ an​ answering machine/voicemail .​
Just as​ many e-mail services these days have spam filters, an​ Internet answering service works in​ much the​ same way .​
It works as​ a​ caller ID for​ an​ individual while they are online .​
a​ caller’s name and​ number are shown to​ the​ subscriber, and​ a​ message they leave can be accessed and​ played through the​ PC’s speakers, allowing the​ subscriber to​ either answer the​ phone call, or​ let the​ caller leave a​ message to​ be picked up at​ a​ later time.
Convenience is​ the​ name of​ the​ game with an​ Internet answering service .​
Everything can be controlled with the​ click of​ a​ mouse .​
An Internet answering service allows a​ subscriber to​ take more control over their calls and​ have greater flexibility in​ how they take those calls.
Internet answering service providers have now branched out to​ take advantage of​ other venues that could find their services useful – businesses and​ cell phone users .​
By expanding into these markets, Internet answering service providers offer subscribers a​ sense of​ peace as​ they not only identify anonymous callers, but block such callers from getting through to​ the​ subscriber .​
Cell phone callers no longer have to​ use their precious minutes on​ unwanted calls, and​ businesses no longer have to​ ward off unwanted telemarketing calls .​
With an​ Internet answering service, nearly anyone can be in​ complete control over the​ calls they accept, with the​ peace of​ mind that those calls that they don’t accept are taken care of​ properly.

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