Internet Advertising From The Monitor Into Their Heads

Internet Advertising From The Monitor Into Their Heads

Internet Advertising - From the​ Monitor Into Their Heads
Internet web site advertising seems to​ be the​ Topic of​ the​ day .​
And I​ thought that instead of​ ignoring that fact with senseless personal anecdote, I’d give in​ to​ greater office pressure and​ write about it .​
I’m nervous, but here we go .​
Oh, wait, before I​ get into that I​ want to​ tell you​ why .​
the​ why part is​ because normally I’m a​ little cynical .​
When I​ am supposed to​ research some topic and​ I​ do, I​ usually fill with a​ little bit of​ disgust .​
I​ don’t think that that’s out of​ line, considering to​ the​ things I​ read .​

But, today as​ I’m reading about web site advertising I​ had that familiar tinge of​ bile backing up in​ my throat and​ I​ was thinking about how I​ could articulate my inevitable irritation that would inevitably turn into full blown madness .​
and​ then, of​ all things, this author started making sense .​
Even though he’s talking about web site advertising and​ I​ typically have sorts of​ rage legitimate or​ not…probably not about that particular subject, I​ started getting down with what this person’s saying .​
So, without further delay, I​ will quickly tell you​ what I​ think about all this internet web site advertising deal .​

But, I’ll do it​ with an​ anecdote .​
But, this time it’s relevant .​
We were making a​ web site for​ a​ company I​ was working with .​
We had very little money and​ the​ primary financial backer of​ the​ project wasn’t too interested in​ internet advertising .​
Finally, he was convinced to​ get a​ web site made for​ us, but on​ a​ shoestring budget .​
It was fine, but quite low budget and​ the​ designer we got did just that, design .​
the​ little work that was put into traffic generation reaped an​ equal amount of​ response—a little .​
Well, that business has just been sold to​ a​ company that has been known to​ focus intently on​ the​ other aspects of​ internet web site advertising .​
They have gone to​ great lengths with their previous businesses to​ develop their site to​ meet their customer’s needs, utilize various links to​ bring customers to​ their site, etc .​
etc .​
I​ look forward to​ seeing the​ remarkable progress that the​ company will make with their new vision of​ utilizing internet technology .​
I​ wish them the​ best, but probably that won’t be necessary.

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