Internet Advertising Consultant You Can See For Yourself

Internet Advertising Consultant You Can See For Yourself

Internet Advertising Consultant – you​ Can See for​ Yourself
I like consulting .​
My friends sometimes ask me how to​ patch up their rocky relationships most likely due to​ poor decisions on​ their part or​ maybe they’re thinking about changing professions .​
Here’s what I​ do .​
I​ sit up straight and​ squint my eyes, just a​ bit, and​ pretend to​ listen to​ what they’re saying .​
I​ do listen actually, because getting the​ general theme of​ the​ discussion is​ highly pertinent to​ consulting .​
Then when they finally finish detailing the​ nuances of​ their particular issue my work begins .​

The thing that I​ really like about the​ type of​ consulting work that I​ do is​ that there are no real requirements, except that my clients need to​ be desperate enough to​ come to​ me and​ listen .​
I​ often talk about subjects of​ which I​ have neither experience nor success .​
This is​ undoubtedly why my practice of​ consulting is​ strictly nonprofessional and​ I​ won’t likely be able to​ feed myself on​ the​ financial windfall I​ will never see.
I don’t want to​ talk disparagingly about anyone’s profession, because first, I’m a​ pretty nice guy and​ also because I​ really would set myself up for​ a​ retaliation with no known defense .​
So, in​ regards to​ internet advertising consults, I’m sure there great folks who probably contribute greatly to​ individual firms as​ well as​ the​ general economy .​

I would, however, like to​ disparage the​ really funny individual that wrote an​ article considering internet advertising consulting as​ the​ topic of​ discussion .​
Why? for​ a​ really simple, and​ unquestionably benign, reason .​
Because he/she says that in​ order for​ one to​ become an​ internet advertising consultant one must successfully overcome just two hurdles .​
Quickly, I’ll say what they are .​
Professional advertising experience and​ internet knowledge .​

Whatever, no big deal, right? Probably, but I​ get irritated for​ a​ couple reasons .​
the​ first and​ less important is​ that as​ a​ really bad quasi-consultant, I’m offended that this person would minimize that tools and​ skills necessary to​ find success in​ the​ consulting business .​
Secondly, and​ more importantly, I​ don’t like that this person is​ undoubtedly preying on​ the​ hopes of​ individuals looking to​ find a​ career in​ order to​ achieve professional and​ personal successes that they can be proud of​ .​

That’s why my consulting business has thrived as​ it​ does .​
My clients down and​ out friends know that the​ only personal gain that I’m getting from it​ is​ my own enjoyment at​ listening to​ the​ sad state of​ their lives and​ also for​ the​ opportunity to​ offer ridiculous advice in​ the​ hopes that they follow it .​
Seems childish, but at​ least I’m not taking peoples money and​ self esteem to​ line my pockets.

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