Internet Access For Day Trading Expats

Internet Access For Day Trading Expats

When you​ live abroad, staying in​ touch with your family, businesses, and​ financial institutions back in​ the​ United States doesn’t have to​ be a​ hassle or​ expensive. With a​ little planning, an​ expat can stay in​ touch, pay bills, and​ manage money from anywhere in​ the​ world with no more than access to​ an​ Internet café.

But if​ you​ intend to​ continue operating a​ business...or day trading...infrastructure that is, high-speed Internet access and​ reliable e-mail and​ telephone communications is​ critical.

Infrastructure in​ Honduras, and​ particularly in​ the​ Bay Islands, is​ improving almost daily. Several film production companies have used Roatan to​ film television series for​ the​ United States and​ Europe, creating greater awareness of​ the​ islands and​ more frequent cruise ship visits--this exposure will continue to​ attract foreign investors.

Already there have been some improvements to​ roads and​ electricity. Communications have advanced by leaps and​ bounds, with landline, cell, satellite and​ VoIP telephones, DSL and​ dial-up Internet connecting Honduras to​ the​ rest of​ the​ world. Satellite and​ cable television bring North American entertainment and​ news into Honduran homes.

Mexico continues to​ be a​ land of​ contrasts, both geographically and​ socially. Indian communities in​ mountain villages maintain centuries-old customs…not far from cities where wealthy businessmen scurry around with cell phones and​ wireless Internet.

In San Miguel de Allende, you​ can get all the​ amenities you​ expect in​ the​ modern world, including reliable telephone service and​ high-speed Internet access. you​ can get mail delivered and​ sent reliably and​ quickly through one of​ several mail forwarding services. Several international franchises are here, including Domino’s Pizza and​ Blockbuster Video. in​ addition to​ acclaimed art schools, San Miguel has one of​ the​ largest collections of​ English-language books in​ Mexico in​ its public library.

In Thailand, new condos to​ rent in​ Chiang Mai can come with free unlimited high-speed Internet to rent a​ 500-square-foot condo would cost about $365 per month.

Outside of​ Bangkok, the​ U.S. Embassy has set up what it​ calls “American Corners” in​ various universities across the​ country. the​ aim is​ to​ foster mutual understanding between Thailand and​ the​ U.S. through a​ variety of​ means. These include satellite programs, digital video conferences, high-speed Internet access, and​ book and​ multimedia collections. Another aim is​ to​ stimulate dialogue with individual citizens, groups, institutions, and​ the​ media through local information and​ cultural activities.

Montevideo, 120 miles from Buenos Aires, is​ Uruguay’s commercial, educational, and​ cultural center. it​ has a​ European ambiance and​ old-world charm. Ciudad Vieja, the​ old historic center, has sycamore-lined streets, open-air markets, fine restaurants, and​ sidewalk cafés. Property prices are reasonable, and​ the​ day-to-day cost of​ living is​ on​ par with Ecuador, if​ not a​ bit less. There are numerous schools of​ dance, music, and​ art, along with 35 radio stations, good cable television, and​ high-speed Internet services. They’ve even got a​ jazz festival. in​ Punta del Este a​ broadband line costs $50 a​ month.

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