Interesting Old Dog Tricks For Dog Owners Looking For Fun Laughter

The teaching and training of​ dog tricks while not a​ necessary part of​ a​ dog’s education,​ is​ an​ achievement that offer dog owners and his friends a​ great deal of​ amusement and adds materially to​ the​ value of​ a​ dog.

Training your dog tricks can be difficult and frustrating if​ you​ cannot achieve the​ results you​ want. However,​ unlike house and potty training which are vital education for any dog,​ I feel that the​ end-results is​ not the​ most significant element in​ trick training,​ to​ me the​ most important part is​ that both of​ you​ enjoy the​ training process and have fun along the​ way.

Listed in​ this article are 3 interesting dog tricks that you​ can teach your dog:

Dead Dog
Place a​ dog on​ his back or​ side or​ in​ any position you​ may select,​ threaten him with your forefinger and say “dead” or​ any word that you​ may select to​ associate with this trick,​ use both hands to​ help him stay in​ that position when you​ first begin training. Praise him and offer treats if​ he can stay in​ position.

With regular practice,​ he should be able to​ stay in​ the​ position in​ which you​ have placed him,​ it​ is​ only a​ question of​ practice when you​ can call to​ him and say “dead,​” and he will lie down and stretch out in​ the​ position that you​ have accustomed him to​ taking.

With careful and patient training,​ most dogs can be taught to​ sneeze. This is​ accomplished by tickling the​ nose - with a​ feather. at​ first he will snap at​ it,​ and under normal circumstances,​ most dogs will start to​ sneeze; he will not like the​ feather very well and in​ course of​ time his imagination will foreshadow its effects and he will begin to​ sneeze as​ soon as​ it​ is​ pointed in​ close proximity to​ his nose. When he sneezes,​ use a​ command like “Sneeze”,​ to​ associate with this trick. as​ usual,​ praise and treat when he gets it​ right.

By repeating this operation at​ odd times the​ dog can be taught to​ sneeze very creditably when you​ point your finger at​ his nose and give him the​ word “Sneeze,​” and finally will do so simply at​ command.

This trick can be fun and entertaining but not easily achievable especially with dominant dogs. if​ your dog get irritated and turn aggressive toward you​ when you​ tickle his nose,​ you​ should stop training immediately.

Bringing His Tail
During play,​ dogs frequently grasp their tails in​ their mouths. if​ you​ haven’t notice,​ if​ you​ take hold of​ your dog tail while playing with him,​ he will probably seize your hand,​ but if​ you​ skillfully slip his tail in​ his mouth he will grab it​ – Interesting!

These facts suggested the​ trick of​ “Bringing his tail.” it​ is​ a​ rather difficult feat to​ accomplish,​ but it​ is​ possible for any amateur to​ teach it​ to​ his dog providing the​ dog has a​ long enough tail and the​ trainer sufficient patience - Sorry to​ dog owners with short tails!

Anyway,​ this trick is​ very amusing,​ for when the​ dog has his tail in​ his mouth he can only advance crab-fashion or​ sideways,​ with a​ tendency to​ go around in​ a​ circle without making much advance.

The first step in​ teaching this trick is​ to​ praise the​ dog when he first gets his tail in​ his mouth,​ and after he has held it​ for a​ few moments bid him to​ let go and reward him.

Should he give up his hold before you​ order him to​ do so,​ speak sharply to​ him and begin all over again. When he learns to​ hold his tail until ordered to​ relinquish it​ the​ first part of​ the​ trick has been taught,​ and you​ can begin to​ teach him to​ bring it​ to​ you. to​ do this,​ step back a​ few feet from the​ dog in​ the​ direction he can most easily advance,​ and call him.

If he releases his hold of​ his tail to​ come to​ you,​ ignore him and replace the​ tail in​ his mouth again,​ but when he comes without letting go he should be rewarded gradually increase the​ distance you​ require him to​ carry his tail,​ but this task is​ so difficult that he should not be asked to​ go more than ten or​ twelve feet.

In beginning the​ trick,​ when you​ place his tail in​ his mouth say “Bring me your tail,​” so as​ to​ accustom him to​ the​ command. in​ time you​ will not have to​ place his tail in​ his mouth,​ but merely hold it​ for him to​ grasp,​ and after still further practice he will seize it​ at​ the​ word without your assisting him.

Enjoy training your dog new tricks,​ and most importantly enjoy the​ process and have a​ great deal of​ fun and laughter!

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