Insurance And Warranties For Mobility Products

Insurance And Warranties For Mobility Products

Insurance and warranties for mobility products.
It is​ now possible to​ take a​ warranty (extended) and accidental damage insurance to​ cover home mobility products which include adjustable beds,​ riser recliner chairs and stair lifts .​
Therefore in​ the​ event of​ an​ accidental damage including mechanical or​ electrical breakdown,​ protection will be offered.
Such warranties and insurance can be taken out on​ both new and used products .​
However before taking out a​ warranty it​ is​ worth considering that a​ new product may be covered by the​ manufacturer’s warranty .​
Periods usually cover 12,​ 24,​ 36 or​ 48 months for new products .​
For used products cover can usually be taken three months after the​ product have been purchased and will last for 9 months .​
This is​ usually to​ ensure that used products are reliable before insurance and warranties commence .​
Upon renewal a​ 12 month period can be taken.
There are two main types of​ warranties available these are:
On Site (OS) Warranty
This warranty is​ the​ most convenience where repairs to​ the​ mobility product are carried out at​ you​ home .​
There may be exceptional cases were the​ product cannot be repaired at​ the​ home and will need to​ be taken away for full repairs .​
Return to​ Base (RTB) Warranty
This warranty will result in​ the​ product being taken to​ a​ workshop for repairs .​
For new product be wary of​ this warranty as​ often you​ may be requested to​ return the​ product in​ it​ original packaging which may not always be possible .​
Before taking any insurance or​ warranty cover be sure to​ read all small print,​ and ask any questions you​ may have,​ especially with reference to​ the​ type of​ warranty being offered .​
It is​ also possible to​ take insurance to​ cover mobility scooters .​
There are two aspects of​ this type of​ insurance .​
First,​ to​ cover the​ scooter itself for damage,​ secondly to​ cover injuries or​ damage to​ a​ third party or​ the​ third parties property.

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