Innovative Solutions For Internet Branding

Innovative Solutions For Internet Branding

Since the​ advent of​ the​ Internet, computers have changed the​ way people work, play and​ communicate.

Today's children are learning by computer games. Today's businesses are building stronger relationships and​ experiencing significant change in​ organization and​ filing, research and​ operation - and​ even advertising and​ marketing - through their desktops.

There are more than 200 million Internet users, according to​ Nielsen//NetRatings. to​ keep up with the​ rapidly expanding Internet marketplace, many businesses are turning to​ companies like Centale Inc. OTC BB: CNTL, based in​ Fort Lauderdale, Fla., which helps communicate, market, brand and​ advertise on​ the​ Internet.

The company's "next generation tools," like Catalyst EV, Music on​ Demand for​ Windows Media Player, custom Web browsers, instant messengers, media players and​ toolbars are used in​ all types of​ organizations where the​ goal is​ to​ build a​ community; communicate with subscribers or​ customers; develop new revenue channels; and​ increase brand exposure, traffic and​ customer loyalty.

With Catalyst EV, businesses are building effective marketing campaigns through a​ programmable desktop application that can be distributed as​ an​ e-mail attachment or​ downloadable via the​ customer Web site. This cutting-edge technology has Centale customers communicating with their audience, one-to-one direct to​ the​ desktop in​ audio, video, rich media, animation or​ text format.

Centale's universal instant messenger connects simultaneously to​ AOL, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC, Napster and​ other networks. Music on​ Demand is​ a​ desktop application that allows users to​ find virtually any song or​ video in​ the​ world and​ play it​ instantly without downloading any files. Centale plans to​ unveil an​ iTunes-compatible version of​ Music on​ Demand to​ attract digital-music listeners.

Music on​ Demand for​ Windows Media Player includes a​ publishing tool that allows webmasters to​ create and​ list their songs in​ the​ search directory.

Centale's custom-made branded browsers offer Internet security that blocks pop-ups and​ sexually explicit material. the​ browsers include an​ efficient search engine, an​ easy-to-use interface for​ people who are visually and​ audibly impaired and​ multilingual menus and​ translators.

Innovative Solutions For Internet Branding

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