Innovative Sites Provide Opportunities For Knowledge Creation And Sharing

If you've ever wanted to​ have an​ encyclopedia at​ your fingertips - or​ contribute to​ a​ public encyclopedia, - you'll embrace a​ growing trend: online knowledge sharing. This type of​ collaborative, question-driven knowledge system gathers questions and answers on thousands - or​ hundreds of​ thousands - of​ topics, and then organizes the topics and provides easy access to​ the knowledge base for users. in​ practice, college students benefit because they can contribute what they know, as​ well as​ learn about a​ variety of​ topics. it​ also acts as​ a​ social network, in​ that they can also form communities with those who have similar interests and work together to​ create a​ reliable source of​ information on specific topics.

For writers, such an​ encyclopedia provides them with the opportunity to​ share their knowledge with others, as​ well as​ to​ use the knowledge base as​ a​ source of​ research for their work. Generally speaking, a​ question-driven knowledge system enables anyone to​ ask questions on topics that do not yet appear. Then, an​ expert in​ that particular field can provide a​ reliable, knowledgeable answer. It's a​ quick, easy way to​ get the research needed for essays, term papers, and articles.

How to​ Spot the Best Share and Create Systems

When it​ comes to​ knowledge sites, look for one that provides easy search mechanisms for finding questions and answers. This way, you won't get frustrated reading redundant questions. The best sites also provide a​ bookmark feature, so questions can be saved for future reference or​ for update notifications. Other features of​ the best sites include a​ discussion forum that is​ separate from the knowledge base, community-building features, and the ability to​ check the editing history of​ a​ question or​ of​ a​ contributor.

Sometimes, knowledge-based create-and-share websites offer incentives for contributions, such as​ free advertising or​ ads revenue sharing. as​ the knowledge base grows and attracts new college students, writers, and professionals, these incentives tend to​ grow.

Daily Expansion

A knowledge-driven site's question and answer system typically grows on a​ daily basis, and eventually covers tens of​ thousands of​ topics. The topics can range from gardening, parenting, and pets to​ gas mileage, mortgages, and water conservation. That's one reason why college students and writers find this type of​ service helpful. Since they often research a​ variety of​ topics on a​ regular basis, this one-stop system is​ perfect.

These kinds of​ specific Web services are bringing together professionals, writers, and college students to​ create a​ vast knowledge base, special knowledge-sharing communities, and questions and answers that can benefit anyone in​ any field. And the best news of​ all is​ these sites are free for everyone to​ enjoy. It's like having a​ group of​ experts on speed dial!

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