Information Products Your Action Plan

Information Products Your Action Plan

If the thought of​ writing your first information product is​ leaving you feeling overwhelmed, here are a​ few sure fire tips to​ help you break through and start writing for success.

Start by writing an​ outline of​ what your product will include. Having an​ outline makes the writing process much easier and helps you break it​ down into small achievable chunks.

This also gives you a​ great opportunity to​ brainstorm any additional chapters or​ information you can add to​ the book. The more detailed you make the outline the easier the writing process will be. Taking the time to​ do the preparation before you start writing will make the process much easier.

Get help with the research. if​ you're feeling overwhelmed finding all the information you need, why not pay a​ VA to​ help you with the research. Give your VA an​ outline of​ what the product will include and ask her to​ research the topic for you.

Once you receive the research simply go through it​ and put it​ into your own words and add or​ delete as​ necessary.

Record your thoughts. a​ lot of​ us have trouble putting our thoughts into words. if​ you’re finding it​ difficult to​ get started, try recording your thoughts. Then transcribe the audio and you should have quite a​ few pages. Once your document is​ ready go through it​ and edit it​ to​ make your words flow nicely and add any additional information.

Outsource it. Sure this will cost you a​ little money but if​ you've been holding back on getting started for a​ while this may be a​ wise investment. Give someone else your outline and have them write the book for you.

You can visit places such as​ or​ to​ find a​ ghostwriter with information product experience. You can also visit a​ few online forums and try to​ get recommendations that way. Always be sure to​ ask for samples of​ the writer’s work before starting such a​ big project to​ avoid disappointment later on.

In some cases it’s worth it​ to​ have the writer first complete one chapter of​ the book for an​ agreed rate, if​ you don’t like the work you’ll have spent a​ little money but it’s best to​ find out now rather than when the whole project is​ complete.

There is​ a​ great sense of​ relief and achievement that comes with finishing your first information product and the great news is​ once you've done one and learned the ropes the second will be much easier.

Ready to​ get started? Here are your action steps:

* Do your market research to​ make sure there is​ a​ need for the product.

* Take your time writing a​ full descriptive product outline.

* Start your product research for each section of​ your outline or​ hire someone to​ do it​ for you.

* Start writing each section of​ the outline or​ hire someone to​ write it​ for you.

That’s it​ one small step at​ a​ time, before you know it​ you’ll have Your own information product!

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