Information Overload

Information Overload
The good news; at​ last, you have achieved your dream .​
You've escaped the traditional, away from home work force and are now self-employed whether it​ be part-time or​ full-time .​
Now, the bad news;You are now self-employed .​
It is​ both good news and bad news .​
That is, if​ you are not prepared to​ deal with the information overload .​
There you sit, in​ your spiffy new office - whether it's in​ the corner of​ the sitting room or​ in​ a​ converted bedroom surrounded by your equally spiffy new toys...your computer, desk and some strategically placed shelves .​
Your new multi-function center will print stuff, fax stuff and copy stuff .​
(It won't hang out the washing, but hey, you can't have everything.)
You've even got work coming-in and the immediate worry about making a​ living has vanished .​
Hooray! You really *can* work from home! At first, working at​ home is​ pure bliss .​
Then you get a​ week when everybody and their dog seems to​ want your services .​
After putting in​ a​ few late nights, you meet all the deadlines and think; phew...I'm glad that's over! You decide to​ relax and give yourself a​ day off .​
After all, you worked all through the weekend and earned it, right?
Unfortunately, the following week you find yourself off to​ a​ bad start trying to​ make-up for your day off .​
Before you know it, you find that you are dropping further and further behind .​
You reflect gloomily that when you were working for someone else, at​ least at​ the end of​ the day you were finished...what didn't get done didn't get done!
Well, it's time to​ take heart and set a​ few simple strategies in​ place that will keep you in​ control of​ your time...and your sanity.
=== 1 .​
Do NOT Accept Any New Work This Week .​
Take a​ good look at​ what you have on your plate now, and carefully plan the week ahead .​
Your aim is​ to​ regain control .​
Tell new clients that you are fully booked, but you can put them on a​ priority list to​ be phoned next week .​
(This will not only allow you to​ catch up, but make your services appear highly in​ demand.)
=== 2 .​
Build In Time For Leisure and Rest .​
Not only for this week, but EVERY week .​
a​ half hour walk; a​ twenty-minute break in​ the sun with a​ cup of​ coffee; a​ quick swim or​ a​ movie outing with friends - all these activities can recharge your batteries .​
You will find that you can achieve far more when you are rested and alert .​
(How many times have you sat at​ the computer staring at​ the screen, achieving very little, because you're over-tired?)
=== 3 .​
Tackle Urgent Tasks First .​
If you're behind, your first step must be to​ contact all clients and arrange firm new deadlines .​
Make sure you base these new deadlines on what you CAN achieve, not what you HOPE you can achieve .​
If any existing client needs your services or​ products urgently, bump them up the queue.
=== 4 .​
Prioritize Remaining Tasks .​
Scrap anything that is​ not essential, and delegate what you can .​
Consider involving family, business associates or​ friends to​ handle some tasks .​
(Warning: do not hand over tasks that must be carried out only by you as​ the principal of​ the business .​
Your reputation is​ important.)
=== 5 .​
Set Achievable Daily Goals .​
If you finish a​ task ahead of​ schedule, begin the next.. .​
but adhere to​ a​ definite cut-off time each day .​
What you are doing this week is​ establishing a​ system that will continue to​ work for you.
Getting out of​ trouble when your business is​ in​ overload is​ just like getting out of​ debt .​
Your business rating is​ similar to​ your credit rating - nothing can be gained by denying that a​ problem exists .​
Nothing can be gained by slipping deeper into the mire .​
Call a​ halt; contact the main players; set workable strategies in​ place and you can quickly regroup.
Before you know it, your home business dream will be on track once more.

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