Information On Headstones

Headstones are an​ important part of​ any family's grieving process. Headstones serves to​ help families cope with their losses.

Headstones are inscribed with dates leading as​ far back as​ the 1700s, and mark the graves of​ several generations. There are Revolutionary War as​ well as​ Civil War veterans' graves, and several cemeteries are regularly visited by family and friends. Headstones are attractive grave markers that can be positioned on the grave of​ a​ loved one. This item does not need to​ be purchased instantly.

If repairs are not undertaken then the right to​ erect and maintain a​ memorial will be terminated and the memorial may be removed. During safety inspections, required by law, any cosmetic cement joints may break; this will not leave the headstone unsafe. The Council has a​ legal responsibility to​ approve all inscriptions to​ ensure standards of​ decency are maintained.

The methods of​ dealing with unstable headstones has been revised and a​ metal stabiliser is​ now being used to​ avoid the stone being laid flat. This will allow owners to​ make the necessary repairs within a​ 4 month period.

Certain varieties of​ stone may be more appropriate in​ some places than in​ others, not only for their appearance but also because of​ the effect of​ weather or​ local conditions. a​ reputable memorial mason will advise you on all this.

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