Information On Germany

Information On Germany

To start I would like to​ say that most people are right, Germany is​ a​ GREAT place to​ visit. I heard on the radio the other day that over 4 million Americans visited Germany in​ 2018 and to​ be honest it​ did not surprise me at​ all. With so many beautiful things to​ see and experience who wouldn’t be interested?

Lets start off with the obvious attractions: Castles, German Beer and German Food.

Castles: Arguably the number one attraction of​ Germany. Castles are one of​ Germanys most historic prized possessions. With at​ least one Castle in​ every single decent sized town in​ Germany, you will always have a​ place to​ visit no matter where your travels in​ Germany take you. Most of​ these Castles have nice restaurants inside where you are given information on the historic value of​ the establishment, not to​ mention great food in​ my experience.

German Beer: Many say that German beer is​ the best in​ the world, because of​ this many German breweries are hesitant to​ give up their ‘tricks of​ the trade’ many saying ‘its in​ the water’. Whether this is​ true or​ not Germany definitely has a​ reputation for providing delicious preservative free beer. The German government actually mandates that only a​ few main ingredients are to​ be added to​ the beer and no preservatives can be added, BY LAW.

German Food: I am sure that you all have either heard about or​ tried some of​ the typical German dishes, i.e. Schnitzel, Wursts (German sausage) and Spatzle, but what you may not have tried are some of​ the ‘not so traditional’ but common dishes in​ Germany. if​ you are planning a​ trip to​ Germany I recommend going to​ any German restaurant and ordering the house special. Most restaurants, just like in​ the U.S., have a​ house special that is​ different from restaurant to​ restaurant and will usually be very delicious.

Information On Germany

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