Information On Bareboat Charters Helping You Get Started

Bareboat charters are yachts that you can rent and operate by yourself. if​ you are not experienced in​ handling a​ yacht, you can hire a​ captain to​ take over this job for you. The idea behind a​ bareboat charter is​ that you do not get any extras - just the bare boat. You have to​ supply your own food and entertainment and if​ you want toys for watersports you either have to​ bring your own or​ rent them. Most of​ the bareboat yachts are between 30 and 50 feet in​ length and you can choose bareboat charters using power, sailing or​ catamaran boats.

In order to​ book bareboat charters without hiring a​ captain, the yacht charter company will need to​ see proof that you can handle the yacht on your own. You will either have to​ show the bareboat yacht charter company proof of​ your experience in​ handling smaller or​ similar sized yachts or​ present a​ certificate from a​ boating course. For most yacht charters in​ the Caribbean, companies do not require certification, but it​ is​ a​ requirement in​ some parts of​ the world, such as​ Greece. if​ you do need to​ hire a​ captain, this is​ not included in​ the price of​ the charter and you have to​ pay the captain yourself.

There are bareboat charters that will allow you to​ book a​ one-way charter. This allows you to​ sail to​ a​ destination and leave the yacht there. This will cost you more because unless someone books a​ one-way bareboat yacht charter back from that destination the company has to​ find a​ way of​ getting the yacht back to​ home base. it​ is​ quite likely that it​ will be cheaper on you to​ charter the yacht for a​ few extra days and return it​ yourself.

You can make your booking for a​ bareboat yacht charter online. However, you will need to​ make at​ least a​ 25% deposit on the total cost of​ the charter and there are bareboat charters that require 50% of​ the total as​ a​ deposit. You will also receive a​ contract to​ sign and a​ sailing resume to​ complete from the yacht charter company. Most of​ the charter companies do accept credit cards, but there are some smaller companies that only accept check, cash or​ money order payments.

When you book bareboat charters you usually get just the yacht itself. Although some of​ the charter companies do include a​ dinghy in​ the cost, most of​ the Florida companies require that you rent the dinghy. Since this is​ a​ necessity, you have to​ allow for the extra cost. You won’t have any of​ the amenities that you are used to​ at​ home, such as​ a​ television or​ microwave. You will also have to​ supply your own linens, dishes, food and water. if​ you want to​ book one of​ the bareboat charters that will take you to​ another country, you do need to​ make sure you have your passport with you or​ you won’t be allowed to​ dock in​ the ports.

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