Information For Sale

Information For Sale

Every day millions of​ people worldwide search for answers to​ certain questions, search for various information that will help them make their lives better. it​ is​ the same need as​ the need for food. it​ means that if​ there is​ such a​ need, a​ person will satisfy it​ once it​ becomes possible. if​ you can answer some questions or​ know how to​ improve people's lives, why not take money for it? Actually, what is​ money? it​ is​ a​ form of​ gratitude from people for something useful they acquired. Once you do something useful for people – get gratitude in​ return.

What will people pay money for? For getting all the necessary information and answers to​ their questions here and now. They will not have to​ spend time on searching – everything they need will be offered in​ one information file. That is​ why when you create an​ information product, you should keep in​ mind that since a​ person uses a​ product, he or​ she must get all answers to​ all questions the solution for which the product offers.
It will be better if​ the product is​ focused on answering some big question. For example, «how to​ lose extra weight?», «how to​ feel confident in​ any situation?», «how to​ achieve your goals?», «how to​ become a​ leader?», «how to​ find or​ create your own business?», «how to​ start your business on the Internet?», «how to​ write a​ book?» etc. of​ course, you should write about what you understand, what you are successful in​ and what you are interested in. So, when you choose a​ subject you are going to​ write about, take your own abilities and interests as​ a​ basis. Otherwise the reader will feel that the author is​ not competent and the product will most probably be a​ failure.

How to​ turn information into a​ commercial product? of​ course, it​ is​ better to​ make all information in​ the form of​ an​ electronic book. in​ this case, a​ book is​ nothing, but a​ metaphor. it​ can be either a​ set of​ text pages with pictures or​ an​ interactive course with questionnaires and tests. For the potential buyer not to​ be afraid of​ cheating and to​ have no doubts about what he is​ paying money for, it​ is​ better to​ let him read a​ couple of​ chapters from the book for free, but ask him to​ pay for the rest of​ the book. Free chapters should help the reader in​ his question at​ once because it​ is​ by these chapters that the buyer will determine how useful the book is​ and consequently whether it​ is​ worth buying. as​ a​ result, it​ will be only one file available to​ be downloaded for free from the website. And you will only have to​ attract visitors who will download the book and pay for the registration key and access to​ the entire contents of​ the book. And remember about statistics: a​ satisfied client will on average recommend the product to​ seven other people, while an​ unsatisfied client will recommend that they not use it.

So, we get the following system:
- a​ visitor visits a​ website.
- the website describes questions/problems and explains that the solution is​ in​ the book that can be downloaded for evaluation free of​ charge
- the visitor downloads the book and looks through its free part
- the reader finds the book useful and makes a​ purchase

So, we need the following for the system to​ function:
- the website should attract the visitor and help him download the book
- the free part of​ the book should start solving the problem and involve the reader into the solution process to​ continue which he will have to​ pay money

It is​ recommended to​ create commercial books with the program eBook Maestro PRO. it​ has a​ lot of​ advantages. First, it​ creates books right out of​ HTML pages. Second, the final book is​ a​ standalone application that does not require any additional programs. Third, the program can set limitations for unregistered users. Forth, it​ supports the system of​ online activation that prevents registration keys from being distributed. Fifth, it​ protects information from being stolen and modified. Sixth, it​ allows you to​ customize any part of​ the book interface the way you want it. And much more.

Good luck to​ you and lots of​ sales!

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About the Author
Dave Smith is​ a​ successful infopreneur and a​ big fan of​ eBook Compiler tools.

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