Information About Web Hosting

Information About Web Hosting

In the​ recent days, the​ popularity of​ internet has grown immensely. the​ number of​ homes with computers has increased and​ so have the​ number of​ users. With all this comes the​ increase in​ use of​ internet for​ business and​ trade applications. a​ wide range of​ online businesses have been set up in​ the​ recent years to​ sell all kinds of​ items. Apart from products, there are also a​ few websites which sell or​ resource information to​ the​ internet users. for​ setting up any kind of​ website, the​ main prerequisite is​ a​ web host.

A web hosting service is​ one which provides its clients some space on its web server which they can use of​ setting up and​ running a​ website of​ their choice which can be accessed through the​ World Wide Web. a​ large number of​ web hosting services have come up. Most of​ them also provide internet connectivity to​ their clients. Though some Internet Service Providers give free web hosting services to​ their clients, the​ storage place given by them might be sufficient just to​ run a​ personal home page. for​ obtaining additional features like data base support and​ application platform, a​ web hosting service providing complex features might be needed.

The various types of​ web hosting services found today are:

1) Free web hosting service: This service provides limited storage space and​ no other additional features like data base support.

2) Shared web hosting service: This type of​ service supports many websites on the​ same server, all of​ which may use the​ same resources.

3) Reseller web hosting service: in​ this type of​ service, clients could themselves become web hosts again and​ resell their storage space on the​ server to​ other clients.

4) Virtual dedicated service: Though all clients may use the​ same server, they may not realize this because their servers have been virtually separated.

5) Dedicated housing service: in​ this type of​ service, the​ client can rent or​ lease a​ web server and​ own complete control over it.

6) Colocation web hosting service: in​ this case, the​ client can buy the​ server and​ virtually own it. He can use it​ resources for​ any purpose.

The efficiency of​ a​ web hosting service can be analyzed by studying the​ uptime and​ downtime of​ its servers. Downtime indicates the​ %time in​ a​ year when the​ server will be down for​ maintenance. Uptime, on the​ contrary indicates the​ servers’ running time in​ a​ year.

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