Information About Warwick Castle

Information About Warwick Castle

If you are looking for a​ great family day out then you could not go far wrong with a​ trip to​ Warwick Castle. Built in​ 1068 this castle is​ steeped in​ history and the surrounding gardens and views are spectacular. I am somebody who loves to​ visit different castles around the country and I would have to​ say that Warwick is​ probably my favourite.

As you walk around the castle and its grounds you see many people dressed in​ original costume and in​ the summer there are normally barbeques in​ the gardens and on one occasion I saw a​ puppet show.

The Earls of​ Warwick

1088-1119 Henry De Newburgh 1119-1153 Roger De Newburgh 1153-1184 William De Newburgh 1184-1203 Waleran De Newburgh 1203-1229 Henry De Newburgh 1229-1242 Thomas De Newburgh 1242-1263 John Du Plessis 1263-1268 William Mauduit 1268-1298 William De Beauchamp 1298-1315 Guy De Beauchamp 1329-1369 Thomas De Beauchamp 1369-1401 Thomas De Beauchamp 1401-1439 Richard Beauchamp 1439-1446 Henry Beauchamp (also first and only Duke, 1445-1446) 1446-1449 Anne Beauchamp 1449-1471 Richard Neville (The Kingmaker) 1472-1478 George Plantagent (Duke of​ Clarence) 1478-1499 Edward Plantagent 1499-1547 Crown Property (1499-1509, Henry VII, 1509-47, Henry VIII) 1547-1553 John Dudley I 1553-1554 John Dudley II 1561-1590 Ambrose Dudley 1590-1604 Crown Property (1590-1603, Elizabeth I, 1603-04, James I) 1604-1628 Sir Fulke Greville (owned the castle as​ Baron Brooke while the Earldom was held by the Rich family. The Greville's were granted the Earldom in​ 1759) 1618-1619 Robert Rich I 1619-1658 Robert Rich II 1621-1628 Sir Fulke Greville 1658-1659 Robert Rich III 1659-1673 Charles Rich 1673-1675 Robert Rich IV 1675-1701 Edward Rich I 1701-1721 Edward Henry Rich 1721-1759 Edward Rich II 1759-1773 Francis Greville 1773-1816 George Greville 1816-1853 Henry Richard Greville 1853-1893 George Guy Greville 1893-1924 Francis Richard Greville 1924-1928 Leopold Guy Greville 1928-1984 Charles Guy Greville 1984-1996 David Greville 1996- Guy Greville

Warwick Castle was built to​ be very sturdy in​ an​ attempt to​ stop intruders getting into the castle and to​ keep it​ from falling down after the many battles that took place in​ this period.

The castle has now been taken over by the Tussauds group and is​ one of​ the most popular tourist attractions in​ the UK.

Areas of​ Warwick Castle to​ look out for include:

Guys Tower

The Towers and Ramparts

Bear and Clarence Towers

The Curtain Walls

The Gatehouse and Barbican

Caesar's Tower

The Dungeon

The Ghost Tower

The Chapel

If you are planning a​ trip to​ England or​ live in​ the country itself I would certainly recommend a​ visit to​ this castle, I actually take my own family twice a​ year.

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