Information About Pre Menopause

Information About Pre Menopause

For women in​ their thirties menopause is​ the last word they want to​ hear and the last thing they want to​ think about. No one wants to​ admit that they’re at​ that stage of​ their life yet, even if​ it​ is​ just the "pre" menopause stage. it​ doesn’t ever feel like it​ should be happening yet, especially when most people still have babies or​ small children at​ that age. And yet, you can tell your body doesn’t feel 100% normal. You’re not eating any differently but you started gaining wait, your breasts are sore, and your periods are becoming irregular. You’re skin is​ dry and your sex drive just isn’t what it​ used to​ be. You’re irritable, tired, and getting headaches. So what’s the deal, what is​ happening?

Pre-menopause is​ something that all women either know about or​ have at​ least heard about, but no one seems to​ have a​ name for it​ or​ be able to​ recognize it​ when it​ rears its ugly head. Millions of​ women are going through pre-menopause or​ have experienced some kind of​ symptoms, but don’t think there’s any possible way it’s menopause because they’re still in​ their early thirties.

Symptoms that come along with pre-menopause are basically the same as​ those that go with menopause: PMS, endometriosis, fibroids, tender and sore breasts, fatigue, irritability, depression, foggy thinking, sudden weight gain, having a​ hard time conceiving or​ carrying a​ pregnancy to​ full term, memory loss, migraine headaches, light or​ very heavy periods, spots, bleeding in​ between periods, and cold hands and feet. While it​ is​ a​ pretty long list, chances are you won’t have every single symptom, but instead just a​ select few.

All of​ these symptoms are caused by hormone imbalances, mostly from having too much of​ the hormone estrogen and not enough of​ the hormone progesterone. These symptoms are not just scientific and medical; they also have a​ lot to​ do with and are more evident in​ women who are out of​ touch with their bodies and feelings. Basically, stress heightens the symptoms.

When women have the prescribed pre-menopausal symptoms doctors will usually administer estrogen supplements. Unfortunately, if​ estrogen doesn’t clear up symptoms, doctors will often perform hysterectomy’s or​ try drugs for depression such as​ Zoloft of​ Prozac unnecessarily. Other than getting pills, women can utilize a​ healthy diet and regular workout and exercise regimen to​ help with these early pre-menopause symptoms and an​ easier life transition.

Pre-menopause is​ the mixture of​ a​ body beginning to​ cross yet another age marker, and symptoms that every woman will notice around 10-15 years before actually going through menopause. It’s kind of​ like a​ dress rehearsal for the big show.

Information About Pre Menopause

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