Info Product Dashboard By Marlon Sanders . A Review

Info Product Dashboard By Marlon Sanders . A Review

I got my copy of​ Marlon Sanders' Info Product Dashboard just a​ few days ago, and this was my reaction after giving it​ the first close look-over:

Wow! All the fancy techniques that I've seen other people use and that made me think, "Sheesh! I sure would like to​ be able to​ do that!" They're all there! Just to​ give you an​ example: instructions on how to​ put little musical intros at​ the beginning of​ my audio products. It's all part of​ the dashboard's easy-to-follow step-by-step format.

The info product dashboard divides the product creation process into 6 weeks with 6 (daily) steps each. Most of​ the resources needed to​ complete them are either free or​ actually included as​ bonuses with the dashboard purchase.

Each week also has a​ brief audio overview by Marlon himself, where he explains the six upcoming steps. I listened to​ all 6 of​ the weekly previews immediately, so I have a​ pretty good idea what I'll be able to​ do once I've completed the process.

The descriptions are nicely detailed and clear, so I’m finding it​ all very doable. Besides, Marlon's tech support is​ friendly and helpful, just in​ case I (or anyone else) should ever get stumped! Not only that, but there is​ even a​ discussion forum where all the new dashboard owners can ask questions that are then answered. Pretty cool!

The only drawback, if​ it​ can even be called that -- the first go-around is​ going to​ take me quite a​ bit longer than 30 minutes per step, at​ least for some of​ the steps. I'm still working on step one (and two), and some steps will definitely take WAY longer than 30 minutes.

Does Marlon really think we can pinpoint a​ suitable market and come up with a​ targeted product for it​ in​ 30 minutes? Does he really think we can find, and contact several potential JV partners in​ 30 minutes, oh, and negotiate a​ deal with them, all in​ the same time-frame? He’s gotta be kidding! Actually, he does admit that a​ few steps will take longer...

But once accomplished, those same steps will provide contacts and material for many different future products, so I guess I'll just have to​ divide the time investment by all the products that I'll eventually develop from those efforts.

Some of​ the other steps are going to​ be faster, and occasionally even skippable (such as​ when they're not applicable, i.e., no video required for an​ audio product or​ if​ I've already taken care of​ something, i.e., choose host and/or domain name etc.), so it​ will even out, especially over time.

Plus, with the second and third and fourth etc. product, the process will get faster and faster!

So just in​ case it​ isn’t obvious by now, I'm very happy with my new dashboard! And, by the way, if​ you think it’s just for newbies, you may want to​ reconsider. Yes, the dashboard is​ easy to​ follow, and yes, the steps are well explained, so yes, it​ is​ an​ excellent tool for newbies.

But it​ also offers some very sophisticated techniques, and unless you’re a​ very experienced marketer, you’re likely to​ find at​ least something useful here, certainly enough to​ make the investment worth your while.

How would I know that? I already own several product-creation programs, and Marlon's offers tools that I haven’t found in​ any of​ the others.

Maybe some marketers are keeping the really good stuff to​ themselves. No matter. Marlon’s Info Product Dashboard is​ by far the most comprehensive system I’ve come across yet (which is​ what Marlon said he had in​ mind when he created it. From everything I've seen, he succeeded)!

Even better, his Info Product Dashboard is​ priced extremely competitively when compared to​ most and maybe even all the other even remotely as​ comprehensive options out there.

I will provide regular progress reports as​ I work with my new dashboard, so if​ you’re curious and want to​ know how I'll do once I’ll hit the more technically challenging spots, just check my favorite self-help blog for updates... and stay tuned for my soon-to-appear newly created info products.

Info Product Dashboard By Marlon Sanders . A Review

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