Indiana Casinos

Indiana Casinos

Indiana casinos are located in​ the​ "Hoosier state,​" a​ Midwest state at​ the​ "crossroads of​ America." Indiana,​ with a​ population of​ over 6,​000,​000 and an​ area of​ 35,​867 square feet,​ is​ known for agriculture,​ manufacturing,​ and mining of​ decorative limestone. the​ capital of​ Indiana is​ Indianapolis,​ the​ "amateur sports capital of​ the​ world,​" with a​ population approaching 2,​000,​000. the​ largest single-day sporting event in​ the​ world,​ the​ Indianapolis 500-Mile Race,​ is​ held in​ Indianapolis.

Gambling in​ Indiana casinos is​ very popular and there are a​ number of​ riverboat casinos in​ the​ state,​ where the​ minimum age for gambling is​ 21. Some of​ the​ casinos are open from 11:00 a.m. to​ 12:00 Midnight,​ seven days a​ week,​ and others stay open for 24 hours. Indiana casinos offer a​ variety of​ table games,​ such as​ blackjack,​ roulette,​ craps,​ and several types of​ poker,​ including Pai Gow,​ Draw,​ Stud,​ Let it​ Ride,​ and 3 Card,​ as​ well as​ frequent poker tournaments.

The majority of​ the​ larger Indiana casinos are open for 24 hours,​ such as​ Caesars Indiana,​ in​ Elizabeth,​ with 93,​000 square feet of​ gaming area,​ 2,​349 slots,​ 120 table games,​ including poker,​ blackjack,​ craps,​ roulette,​ and baccarat,​ 10 restaurants,​ and a​ hotel. Another large Indiana casino,​ the​ Argosy Casino and Hotel,​ in​ Lawrenceburg,​ is​ open 24 hours and has 74,​300 square feet,​ 2,​384 slots,​ 87 table games,​ and five restaurants. in​ addition,​ the​ Resorts East Chicago Hotel and Casino has 53,​000 square feet,​ 1,​966 slots,​ and 50 table games.

There are several smaller Indiana casinos,​ as​ well,​ including the​ Majestic Star in​ Gary,​ also open 24 hours,​ with 43,​000 square feet,​ 1,​600 slots,​ and 47 table games,​ and the​ Horseshoe Casino,​ in​ Hammond,​ with 42,​573 square feet,​ 2,​000 slots,​ 49 table games,​ several bars,​ and restaurants. Another popular Indiana casino is​ the​ Grand Victoria Casino and Resort,​ in​ Rising Sun,​ open Monday through Thursday,​ from 8:00 a.m. to​ 5:00 a.m.,​ and Friday through Sunday,​ open for 24 hours. This 40,​000 square foot casino has 1,​497 slots,​ 36 table games,​ and four restaurants.

Indiana casinos bring an​ enormous amount of​ revenue to​ the​ state and the​ enthusiasm for gambling in​ Indiana is​ widespread. it​ is​ estimated that Indiana casinos in​ Northwest Indiana rank third in​ the​ gambling market of​ the​ United States. the​ worldwide appeal of​ poker tournaments and the​ excitement of​ gambling in​ Indiana casinos continue to​ attract more travelers,​ boosting the​ economy at​ a​ remarkable rate.

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