Indian Real Estate Nri Housing Societies Foreign Partners And Nature

Indian Real Estate Nri Housing Societies Foreign Partners And Nature Resorts

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Punjab Real Estate: Punjabis Wanna Come Home

Hot speculation about young and​ old NRI techies wanting to​ come home has led entrepreneur T.S. Dhillon to​ chalk out plans for​ a​ comfortable housing society for​ NRIs in​ Mohali. Inaugurating his NRI Services Centre in​ Sector 34, Chandigarh, Dhillon said his impetus for​ planning a​ housing society was the​ number of​ NRIs wishing to​ return home, or​ those that were on the​ verge of​ permanently severing ties with the​ homeland due to​ long pending property disputes.

Settled in​ UK, Dhillon, an​ NRI himself, is​ acutely aware of​ the​ issues and​ problems NRIs face when they come to​ India. Talking about reverse brain drain, he agrees NRI professionals seeking greener pastures are returning to​ India in​ hordes, followed by Punjabi elders who even after years of​ living in​ firang land could not get the​ wheat and​ mustard fields of​ Apna Punjab out of​ their minds. Lonely, with children busy with careers in​ USA, UK or​ elsewhere, elderly NRIs are just as​ keen to​ return to​ Punjab as​ the​ young techs wanting to​ be a​ part of​ and​ to​ participate in​ India’s upbeat economy.

Wanting to​ attract them with a​ lucrative proposition, Dhillon says: “We have planned a​ society exclusively for​ NRIs in​ Mohali. And, I am sure once we start talks with the​ government; they would be willing to​ give us land.”

The other ground breaking news to​ jolt the​ Indian real estate industry is​ the​ 50:50 joint venture forged between Delhi’s DLF Universal and​ $5-billion worth UK developers, Laing O’Rourke. a​ coming together of​ two real estate development Goliaths, with a​ view to​ providing world class construction and​ infrastructure projects in​ the​ country. Already, with a​ presence in​ Chandigarh, perhaps, DLF and​ its new partner will be roped in​ to​ construct the​ NRI Township.

If that doesn’t attract the​ NRI crowd, yoga and​ meditation centres, rejuvenation spas are the​ next new hot options in​ real estate investment. From Anandas in​ the​ Himalayas to​ Satvik resorts, Bhimtal, INYS and​ Shreyas in​ Bangalore, now a​ little closer to​ home, ‘The Kikar Lodge’, a​ nature resort is​ as​ much in​ demand with the​ young as​ with the​ old, for​ hosting corporate meets, business dinners and​ family outings. Nestled amidst 1800 acres of​ forest, 70-kms from Chandigarh, the​ Lodge is​ a​ 2.5-acre resort that has received immense response from Jullunder, Amritsar, Ludhiana and​ Delhi, as​ well as, the​ inbound traffic to​ Manali.

Encouraged by its reception, owner Amarinder Singh Chopra has two similar projects in​ Kasauli in​ the​ pipeline. the​ resort built at​ a​ cost of​ Rs. 2.5-crores is​ in​ close proximity to​ Anandpur Sahib that means it​ is​ absolutely sold out at​ the​ time of​ the​ Hola Mohalla.

An NRI township, a​ resort that provides luxury camping facilities, quad biking, organic milk, vegetables and​ fruit, will attract the​ NRIs, as​ the​ return of​ Punjab de Puttars sends the​ already soaring real estate prices rocketing skywards! as​ the​ whole of​ India undergoes a​ mega transformation, a​ transformation that will allow it​ to​ compete with the​ best of​ the​ best world class cities, does anyone want to​ go to​ firang land?

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