India Casinos

India Casinos

India has a​ very limited amount of​ legal gambling. Five cities in​ the​ country of​ India allow gambling. in​ these five cities,​ there are six gaming operations currently running. There are casinos and other gaming facilities available in​ India. Casinos and cruise-based casinos are the​ only legal forms of​ gambling.

Salcette,​ a​ city in​ India,​ currently has the​ most casinos with two. the​ largest one in​ the​ country is​ Winners Casino and Hacienda de Ora. This casino only has slots machines and video poker games.

Goa is​ going to​ be India's future casino capital. the​ Indian government is​ now going to​ allow ten more floating casinos. Previously,​ only one floating casino has been allowed and a​ lot of​ upscale hotels only have slot machines.

Indian culture really looks down upon gambling. the​ only form of​ gambling that is​ considered acceptable is​ horse racing. the​ main reason they are relaxing the​ country's rules is​ because the​ gaming industry brings in​ significant income for India.

The floating casino in​ Goa is​ a​ cruise-based casino. it​ is​ called Caravela and can comfortably accommodate 300 people. Caravela starts its adventure from Panaji which is​ the​ capital of​ Goa. On the​ top floor of​ the​ cruise ship,​ travelers can see the​ sights and sounds of​ the​ Indian coastline on​ the​ Arabian Sea. On the​ floors that have gaming sessions,​ travelers can play blackjack,​ rummy,​ poker,​ baccarat,​ pontoon,​ and flash. There are also a​ host of​ slot machines available to​ play. Besides gaming facilities on​ floating casinos in​ Goa,​ there are also fine restaurants and relaxing swimming pools.

A popular poker tournament,​ hosted by the​ Maharajah Club,​ will be coming to​ India called the​ Asian Poker Classic. the​ prize for the​ tournament is​ $1 million and this is​ true history in​ the​ making for Indian culture. There has never been a​ tournament of​ this nature previous to​ this one. the​ Asian Poker Classic will be held in​ Goa at​ the​ International Grand Resort from March1 - 4,​ 2007. This is​ definitely going to​ attract tons of​ visitors looking to​ win the​ grand prize. it​ is​ very likely that professional poker players,​ celebrities,​ and people from all over the​ world will come to​ play.

In addition to​ trying their skills and luck in​ the​ Asian Poker Classic,​ players will get to​ enjoy the​ awesome sights and sounds at​ the​ International Grand Resort Hotel in​ Goa. it​ really is​ gorgeous! Visitors will also be treated to​ wonderful parties and delicious food.

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