Increase Your Reading Speed By 4x In A Few Days

Increase Your Reading Speed By 4x In A Few Days

If you think only the smart ones can read faster, then guess again. Anyone can improve their reading speed without sacrificing their comprehension skills. Being able to​ read faster means that you have more information at​ your disposal. Having this ability will give you a​ decided edge at​ any endeavor – especially in​ school, at​ work, or​ even during leisure.

Some people have developed their reading skills to​ the point that they can read an​ entire book in​ one sitting. For ordinary people that still have to​ read aloud or​ point at​ what they are reading to​ keep track of​ where they are, this can prove to​ be quite frustrating. However, there is​ a​ secret to​ unlock your reading skills so that they can dramatically increase exponentially.

The secret is​ increasing the periphery of​ your vision and exercising your eye muscles.

When you read, your eye leaps from one position on the page to​ another. This is​ called a​ saccade. Some people can only read one word per saccade. This forces them to​ perform numerous saccades per line of​ text. Faster readers can absorb more text per line; this results in​ fewer saccades per line of​ text. The fastest of​ them all can even swallow in​ a​ whole paragraph per glance.

Now if​ you think this is​ just some freak ability, you will be in​ for a​ surprise. it​ is​ possible to​ decrease the number of​ saccades per page and the speed of​ leaps between saccades.

To improve your ability to​ absorb words per saccade, you will have to​ perform some exercises to​ train your mind to​ absorb more. Some people are taught to​ read one word at​ a​ time. This is​ good for beginners. But as​ you grow older and get better at​ reading, you will need to​ be able to​ increase this through practice.

You do not have to​ concern yourself with comprehension at​ first. Just try to​ expand the focus of​ your mind as​ you go through groups of​ words. Try exercising this by scanning through a​ text document with emphasis on speed and word recognition. Contrary to​ what some believe, your mind is​ neither slow nor limited to​ a​ certain number of​ words per minute. if​ you train your eyes to​ scan and recognize quickly, your mind will follow suit.

After this sort of​ exercise, you will want to​ test your comprehension next. You could use any book to​ perform this, or​ you could use a​ reading application especially designed for this purpose.

There are numerous eye-movement exercises to​ help your eye muscles react more quickly and to​ help you read faster. These exercises involve lateral eye movements and are good warm ups for reading activities.

When practicing your speed reading, remember that rest is​ very important. Do not overstress your eyes, and give them a​ few minutes break after 20 minutes of​ reading. This will give your eyes a​ chance to​ refocus and rest a​ bit from reading movements.

Given proper reading training and techniques, one may be able to​ increase his or​ her reading speed by as​ much as​ four times upon the first few days of​ training. This is​ an​ exponential increase in​ the inflow of​ knowledge and information in​ person. Why don’t you try a​ speed reading program today? it​ will definitely increase your enjoyment and acquisition of​ knowledge, and will definitely show you that reading is​ not just for the smart ones.

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